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“So private schools got a massive advantage last week. Here’s what we must urgently do now…”

Francis Green, PEPF co-founder and professor at UCL Institute of Education

‘Away from Home, Better at School. The Case of a British Boarding School’

This paper shows high ability disadvantaged pupils can benefit from boarding school

One of Them

One of Them

“The claim that private school pupils are cleverer is flawed”

Peter Taylor-Gooby, professor of social policy, University of Kent

“The 0.7 per cent problem is much worse than the 7 per cent problem”

Simon Partridge, writer and former boarding school student

Moral character, legitimacy and social justice in Irish elite schools

This qualitative study looks at how Irish private schools maintain social exclusivity

Subsidizing private schools for the Northern English middle classes

This study looks at former private schools which converted to join the state sector