“Private school pupils may be underrepresented at top universities”

Peter Saunders, professor emeritus of sociology, University of Sussex

“The genetic defence of private schools is filled with fabrications”

Steven J Courtney, Helen M Gunter, and Steven Jones

“So private schools got a massive advantage last week. Here’s what we must urgently do now…”

Francis Green, PEPF co-founder and professor at UCL Institute of Education

“The claim that private school pupils are cleverer is flawed”

Peter Taylor-Gooby, professor of social policy, University of Kent

“The 0.7 per cent problem is much worse than the 7 per cent problem”

Simon Partridge, writer and former boarding school student

“The British obsession with Oxbridge needs to be unpicked”

Maggie Browning, teacher and local authority councillor

“Rape culture was ubiquitous at my all-boys private school”

Will Yates, teacher and private school alumnus