REPORT: A comparison of job quality for teachers in private and state schools

State school teachers report worse job quality than their private school peers, PEPF research finds

REPORT: Benefiting the public? A study of private-state school partnerships

This report analysed responses from state schools about the quality and impact of partnerships with private schools, published with The Times

REPORT: Working in Schools – job quality study

Private Education Policy Forum has contributed extensive research into a study commissioned by the National Education Union (the UK's biggest teacher trade union) focused...

Fact Check: Effects of VAT on private school fees

In this mythbuster document, the thinktank examines 4 claims about the effects of applying Value Added Tax to private school fees as proposed by...

REPORT: British private schools and their overseas satellite campuses

This report reveals the growth of overseas campuses, the schools' profits and the relative expenditure on bursaries for the richest schools.

REPORT: Local taxation relief and charitable private schools

Private schools with charitable status in England and Wales receive £144 million per year in local taxation relief, new research has found. The report, published...

REPORT: Private school sector claims: Fact check

Professor Francis Green examines common claims about private schools and how they stand up to available evidence

Exclusive: Competitions watchdog warns private schools about fee-fixing

The Competition and Markets Authority wrote to private school representative bodies saying some schools may be unlawfully colluding to fix fees amid the coronavirus...

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The thinktank launched with a DIY-guide of six reform options for policy makers with pros and cons for each. You can watch videos of panel...