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Getting in, Getting On: HE and the private school debate

HESA data shows many UK universities (particularly those in the prestigious Russell Group) admit a lower proportion of state school pupils than private school pupils each year, despite 93% of students going through state education.

But do we know exactly why, and what happens to those who do make it through to higher education?

In this unique discussion, PEPF joined up with The 93% Club and York University to explore the barriers that still face many state school students in terms of getting in to university.

How different is access and preparation for HE compared to their privately educated peers?

What are the experiences of private and state schooled students at university?

And how does this all play out in the graduate job market?

We welcomed hearing from students from every background. We asked: how can we create a fairer education system, one in which divides are lessened, and all students can make the most of their time at university and working lives?

This joint event was organised by the University of York’s 93% Club, which supports state school students, with Private Education Policy Forum (PEPF) and the University. The event took place at the University of York from 6-7.30pm on Tuesday 10th May 2022.

Entry was free and was also live streamed on Twitter @PEPForum!


Professor Kiran Trehan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Partnership and Engagement, University of York


  • Caroline Manakit – chief of staff, The 93% Foundation
  • David Griffiths – principal, The Mount private school, York
  • Melissa Benn – author and co-founder of Private Education Policy Forum

You can watch the live stream here (intended for Twitter, hence hand-held quality!):


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