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The Public Purse: Private schools and tax

Should they come to power following the next election, the Labour Party have made it clear that they would scrap the tax breaks currently enjoyed by private schools.

Is this plan a good one?

Are there better alternatives?

How exactly should it be implemented? And what are the likely ramifications if it is?

Private Education Policy Forum (PEPF) presents a live discussion of the educational, political and legal implications of scrapping private schools’ tax breaks on Thursday 27th April 2023.

Watch the full video here!


05:35 – Professor Francis Green, Professor of Work and Education Economics at UCL Institute of Education, Co-author of Engines of Privilege: Britains’ Private School Problem.

18:00 Matilda Clough, PhD candidate & Graduate Teaching Fellow with specialism in education and charity law, University of Liverpool.

Tilly provided the legal standpoint…

29:30 Diana Young, a parent at a fee-paying school, PR company founder and writer in national newspapers on topics concerning race, identity, social class and gender.

Diana Young presented her take on the issue of having to move private school students into the state sector.

41:50 Lord Lucas (Ralph Lucas), former vice chair of the APPG on Independent Education, owner/publisher/editor of the Good Schools Guide.

57:00 Fiona Millar, education campaigner and journalist for The Guardian and others.

Fiona Young gave an impassioned interview to close off the speakers for the evening.

1:09:00 – Q&A

The speakers faced an audience of approximately 100 at the end of the evening.

To support our work, visit:

To support our work, visit https://www.pepf.co.uk/get-involved/. This event was live streamed as a Community Co-Conference by STEAM Co. who accept no responsibility for, or endorsement of, any views expressed in this event by organisers, speakers or audience. For more info: http://www.steamco.org.uk


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