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News Log

Follow the timeline of media coverage relating to private schools here. Let us know if we’ve missed one!



Top BBC jobs are still filled with staff who went to private school despite complaints from working class viewers who think the broadcaster is out of touch  –  29 December, The Mail

Use Private School Tax Breaks Cash to Cut Mental Health Waiting Lists and School Absences, says Labour  –  19 December,

Why all-boys schools like Eton are no place for a future king  –  19 December, inews

Rishi and Keir launch festive charm offensives  –  19 December, The Spectator

They all went to Marlborough  — will Prince George?  –  19 December, The Times

I’d never send my kids to single sex schools. Why would I? Look what they did to my husband…  –  18 December, The Independent

‘Dog’s breakfast’ philanthropy laws contributing to private school over-funding, report says  –  16 December, The Guardian

Eton and Wellington among schools calling for better mental health support for pupils  –  13 December, The Telegraph

I took my kids out of private school – it was the best thing I ever did  –  13 December, inews

The Importance of Vocational Subjects in Private Schools  –  13 December, Independent School Parent

Four Hackney schools to close due to ‘significant decline in number of school-aged children’  –  12 December, The Standard

Brexit successes mean that talk of rejoining the EU is nonsense, says John Longworth  –  12 December, The Express

How boys at Rishi Sunak’s old school are taught basic life skills  –  10 December, The Times

Labour’s attack on private education will hurt state school parents too  –  6 December, The Telegraph

Quarter of private schools have now pulled staff from gold-plated pension scheme  –  5 December, inews

Private schools more likely to win exam grade appeals  –  5 December, TES

A third of independent school parents are struggling with costs, research shows  –  5 December, The Mail

UK’s best schools in 2023 revealed – see if your kid’s school is on the full list  –  2 December, The Mirror

London state secondary school beats top private schools to be named among best in the country  –  1 December, The Standard


To mark Partnerships Week, one leader involved in a successful state-private school collaboration shares advice about developing a sustainable partnership   –  29 November, TES

Private schools crisis as grandparents forced to step in to help their families pay fees  –  29 November, Express

Single-sex schools rush to go co-ed in fight for survival  –  27 November, The Times

Olivia Colman: It’s harder to convince private schools to run domestic abuse lessons.  –  26 November, inews

The Crown damages private schools with its ‘frustrating stereotyping’, says education chief  –  25 November, The Telegraph

Labour plans could see steep rise in private school fees  –  25 November, BBC

Five ways to shield your money from a Labour government  –  23 November, The Telegraph

Teachers to do ‘work experience’ to help pupils with career advice  –  22nd November, The Telegraph

Sophie Pender: The City lawyer smashing the old boys’ network  –  21 November, The Telegraph

Private schools are at the vanguard of wokeness  –  21 November, Spiked-online

How to afford private school fees  –  21 November, The Times

Labour’s private school tax plans may damage equality progress – education chief  –  20 November, Independent

Counting the costs of Labour’s private school VAT plans  –  17 November, TaxPayersAlliance

‘Parental bond helps children’s mental health in later life’  –  16 November, The Mirror

‘400 years’ to rebuild all schools with current funding  –  16 November, TES

England has a language learning deficit and it’s exposing a social divide in education  –  15 November, British Council-Voices Magazine

Letter of the week: Diverse education  –  15 November, New Statesman

Two-thirds of Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet went to private school as David Cameron returns  –  14 November, The Mirror

British pitted against foreign students for university places, vice-chancellor warns  –  14 November, The Telegraph

Pupils should celebrate working-class culture, school experts say  –  13 November, The Times

How to save £100,000 and beat the Oxbridge clampdown on private schools  –  12 November, The Telegraph

Why are our Blues teams so private school-dominated?  –  11 November, Varsity 

Sweden’s schools minister declares free school ‘system failure’  –  10 November, The Guardian

‘She earns more now – but I’ll be richer in the long-term’  –  7 November, The Telegraph

Why panicked private-school parents are fighting each other for a place at the local comp  –  6 November, The Telegraph

Families downsizing to prepare for Labour’s private school tax raid  –  5 November, The Telegraph

Private all girls’ school is first to provide menopause classes  –  4 November, The Telegraph

One in four people say Labour’s private schools tax raid is being introduced out of jealousy  –  3 November, Independent

Labour private schools tax raid born of jealousy, one in four voters say  –  2 November, The Telegraph


IAN HERBERT: My heart sinks at state-school cricket dying… not England’s World Cup farce  –  31 October, Daily Mail

In defence of independent schools  –  27 October, The Critic

Former inspector says Ofsted statement that most England state schools are good is ‘nonsense’  –  24 October, The Guardian

Private schools face a double VAT raid under new Labour plans that would stop them reclaiming tax on receipts  –  24 October, Daily Mail

‘I’m a headmaster in a deprived area – Labour will price out our poorest pupils’  –  24 October, The Telegraph

A Very Private School: Princess Diana’s brother set to publish a memoir of his chilling boarding school days  –  18 October, The Tatler

Letters: How does the BBC decide when a terror attack has taken place?  –  18 October, The Telegraph

Keir Starmer could be forced to give millions back to private schools under VAT ‘loophole’  –  17 October, The Independent

Private schools prepare for wave of mergers after Starmer confirms VAT raid  –  15 October, The Telegraph

Education unions warn Labour’s planned private school tax raid could cost teachers’ jobs  –  15 October, Daily Mail

Private schools group is ‘arrogant’, says Bridget Phillipson  –  11 October, The Telegraph

Private school heads shunned by Labour MPs at party conference  –  10 October, The Telegraph

Finland has no private schools – and its pupils perform better than British children  –  7 October, inews

Inquiry ordered over England schools funding blunder  –  6 October, The BBC

Tories insist private schools need tax breaks – but take it from an expert, they’re raking it in  –  6 October, The Guardian

Is charging VAT on private schools a vote loser?  –  3 October, The Critic

Pitting private and state schools against each other might help Labour – but hurts our pupils  –  3 October, iNews

Rationing paper and classes of 90 kids: private schools have no idea how hard we have it  –  3 October, iNews


Small private schools fear closure under Labour’s VAT plan  –  29 September, The Times

Has Labour U-turned on its private schools policy – and does it matter?  –  28 September, LabourList

Labour U-turns on plans to end private schools’ charitable status but will still impose 20% VAT charge  –  27 September, inews

Starmer’s private school tax is a terrible, vote-losing idea  –  26 September, The Spectator

Labour to add VAT to private school fees immediately if it wins power  –  26 September, Independent

Labour will add 20% VAT to private school fees within first year of winning power  –  26 September, inews

France’s schools are in crisis – and it has nothing to do with pupils’ dress  –  20 September, The Guardian

What state and private schools can learn from each other  –  19 September, TES

British families who want the best for their kids will be crushed by this Labour Party  –  19 September, Express

Now it’s clear: hard work doesn’t make you rich. Surely that’s the death knell for the myth of social mobility  –  19 September, The Guardian

Inside Bedales, the private school that’s ditching GCSEs  –  18 September, The Times

Labour’s private schools tax raid ‘will make education more elitist’  –  16 September, The Telegraph

Starmer’s doublethink on private schools  –  15 September, CAPX

Private schools, what are they good for?  –  15 September, The Times

Private schools wanting to opt out of GCSEs ‘unable to produce the results’  –  14 September, The Guardian 

More private schools could ditch GCSEs after London school announces own qualification  –  13 September, Evening Standard

Alastair Campbell’s Diary: Westminster’s back-to-school omnishambles  –  13 September, The New European

More private schools could ditch GCSEs after London school announces own qualification  –  13 September, Evening Standard

As UK schools crumble, a look inside the college Rishi Sunak donated $3 million to  –  10 September, The Independent

‘Crumbling concrete is result of Britain’s arrogant disregard for state-educated kids’  –  8 September, The Mirror

UK social mobility at its worst in over 50 years, report finds  –  7 September, The Guardian

Rishi Sunak defends record over crumbling concrete in England’s schools  –  6 September, Financial Times

‘Concrete chaos is just the latest education failure that proves the Tories hate our kids’  –  5 September, The Mirror

Private school fees are rising — meet the parents scrimping to pay them  –  3 September, The Times

The hidden private school fees  –  31 August, The Spectator

The Eton sixth form scheme misunderstands poverty  –  30 August, New Statesman


Can private schools survive Labour’s tax grab?  –  31 August, The Spectator

A-level results at third of private schools dropped below pre-pandemic levels this year  –  30 August, The Telegraph

Private-state school partnerships are ‘superficial’, study says  –  26 August, The Times

Priced out of private schools, the middle class has found a new obsession  –  26 August, The Telegraph

For me, the legacy of being sent to boarding school at 11 was bulimia, divorce and struggling to be a good parent. So what does my mum have to say now?  –  24 August, The Daily Mail

Private schools and grammars see sharpest drop in top GCSE grades  –  24 August, The Telegraph

GCSE results day 2023: Appeals surge expected as pupils and parents fight post-pandemic grading clampdown  –  23 August, inews

Eton: Free sixth-form colleges plans approved by government  –  22 August, BBC

Eton to open state sixth-forms for young people from deprived areas  –  22 August, The Telegraph

‘Our girls play on Premier League pitches’: How private-state school divide drives football inequality  –  21 August, inews

State school voices: ‘My A-levels were awful. I feel like I’ve been robbed’  –  20 August, The Guardian

Equality depends on education. England’s class of 2023 have suffered a grave injustice over A-level results  –  20 August, The Guardian

Labour tells Tories to ‘stop toadying up’ to posh schools as public-state gap widens  –  19 August, The Mirror

Private school students in England twice as likely to earn top A-level grades as state pupils  –  18 August, The Observer

Results day always reveals a class-divided nation  –  August, Morning Star

A-level results 2023: Gap between most and least deprived exposes the ‘unequal impact’ of Covid  –  17 August, inews

‘Growing disparity’ between most and least advantaged A-level students  –  17 August, The Independent

A-level results reflect inequalities across England after challenging years  –  17 August, The Guardian 

Robinson urges RFU to increase efforts to promote rugby in deprived areas  –  17 August, The Guardian 

Britain’s oldest school which charges £14,830 per term appoints its first female headteacher – after 1,425 years of men holding the position  –  13 August, The Daily Mail

Millennials don’t all suffer alike. What really divides them is privilege  –  13 August, The Observer

Eton’s headmaster ‘Trendy Hendy’ denies the school is teaching an ‘ideological framework’ to pupils after he is accused of launching an ‘aggressively woke’ cultural revolution  –  10 August, The Daily Mail

UK spends £13m on private schooling for diplomats’ children  –  10 August, The Guardian

Private school fees could cost £826,000 per child under Labour  –  8 August, The Telegraph

The drive to stop school exclusions is why my relatives go private  –  6 August, The Times

‘We’re 28 and earn £200k – how can we afford private school and retire early?’
  –  7 August, The Telegraph

Ministers condemned for defending private school fee and holiday cost comparison  –  2 August, Perspective Magazine


Is Bridget Phillipson Labour’s rising star?  –  28 July, The Times

Sharp rise in parents taking out LOANS to pay children’s private school fees  –  27 July, This is MONEY

Families using private school fee tax avoidance schemes face fines in crackdown  –  25 July, The Telegraph

The government should expand access to independent schools for children in care  –  25 July,

Should private schools be abolished?  –  20 July, The Times

How Eton built reserves of £562m – while parents battle soaring fees  –  18 July, The Telegraph

Do ‘many’ private schools cost the same as a family holiday?  –  18 July, The BBC

‘What Planet Are They On?’: Tory Minister Slammed Over Private School Fees Claim  –  17 July, The Huffington Post

Private tutors go mainstream as parents seek post-pandemic help  –  17 July, The Times

The charitable status of private schools must end – it’s rigging the game for the rich  –  15 July, The New European

Labour’s ‘monstrous’ private school plan threatens Armed Forces children, says Sir Iain Duncan Smith  –  15 July, The Telegraph

Bridget Phillipson interview: Tax breaks for private schools can’t be justified  –  14 July, The Telegraph

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner calls private schools a ‘waste of money’ and says students can do ‘just as well’ at their local comprehensive  –  14 July, Daily Mail

Dining across the divide: ‘He supports removing the charitable status of private schools – but I think it needs a more nuanced view’  –  13 July, The Guardian

Stark gap between private and state school pupils getting into top universities widens  –  13 July, The Telegraph

Thursday briefing: Can ending tax breaks for private schools smash the ‘class ceiling’?  –  13 July, The Guardian

Everyone wins if we stop pretending private schools are charities  –  12 July, The Standard

Private schools are unfair but at least they are pointed towards learning, says top headteacher  –  11 July, The Telegraph

Ending private school tax breaks would raise £1.5bn for state sector, thinktank says  –  11 July, The Guardian

Yvette Cooper MP: Our next generation deserve better  –  10 July, Wakefield Express

Public doesn’t back Labour’s tax raid on private schools, poll suggests  –  8 July, The Telegraph

‘We’ll send our daughter to private school in Spain if Labour drive up fees’  –  7 July, The Telegraph

The super tutor craze causing burn-out in four-year-olds  –  7 July, The Telegraph

Sir Keir Starmer hopes to bring state schools up to private standards in first term  –  6 July, Sky News

Keir Starmer doubles down on bid to tax private school fees to fund speaking skills in schools  –  6 July, Daily Mail

Will private school fees rise under Labour? Use our tool to find out  –  6 July, The Telegraph

Politics latest news: Starmer backs criticism of Sadiq Khan’s Ulez expansion  –  6 July, The Telegraph

Sir Keir Starmer wants speaking lessons for all pupils  –  5 July, The Times

‘Labour’s private school tax plans don’t add up’  –  4 July, The TES

Choosing a school would get harder for busy parents after reforms planned by Labour, claims ex-Ofsted director  –  3 July, inews

Labour says its plan to strip private schools of their charitable status would be used to fund payments to stop teachers leaving the profession, but Tories point out the proposed £1.7 billion has already been allocated to pay for more teachers and staff  –  2 July, Daily Mail

Labour plan to give teachers £2,400 to stop them quitting  –  2 July, BBC


The bank of granny and grandad keeps children in private schools  –  30 June, The Times

Estimated 700,000 pupils in unsafe or ageing schools in England, says watchdog  –  29 June, BBC

Labour should use private school tax to fix crumbling schools  –  28 June, TES

Lord’s to keep hosting Eton vs Harrow despite report’s recommendation to ditch ‘elitist’ match  –  27 June, inews

Classical music ‘becoming preserve of private schools’  –  26 June, The Times

What soaring fees did to the middle class dream of private education  –  26 June, The Telegraph

Private schools are on the offensive because Labour looms – and their privileges are under threat  –  21 June, The Guardian

How to unlock the power of state-private school partnerships  –  21 June, TES

Scrap written GCSE and A-level for oral exams says private school  –  19 June The Times

Dogfight over legacy of Douglas Bader  –  17 June, The Times

Children must make robots ‘benevolent servants’ says headteacher hiring first head of AI  –  17 June, The Telegraph

Private school officials called Labour’s Bridget Phillipson ‘chippy’ in emails  –  15 June, The Guardian

Teachers at Coventry private schools strike in row over pay  –  14 June, BBC

Private schools obsessed with social justice says Katharine Birbalsingh  –  13 June, The Times

Catholic boarding school saved after £1.2 million raised in 48 hours  –  12 June, The Times

Eton to become ‘charity for advancement of education’  –  10 June, The Telegraph 

Standards at £54k-a-year independent school in Birmingham ‘still not met’, Ofsted says  –  9 June, Birmingham Mail

State school pupils at a disadvantage from tougher exams  –  8 June, The Guardian

Bridget Phillipson speaks at Times Education Summit  –  8 June, FE News

How Crispin Odey evaded sexual assault allegations for decades  –  8 June, FT

Britain is paying for Eton’s mess  –  7 June, The New European

Mixing with better educated families improves life chances of lower income children  –  7 June, IFS

MPs call for action on pandemic-widened gap between England’s poor and rich pupils  –  7 June, The Guardian

‘Widening education gap exposed by Covid lockdown is a time bomb waiting to detonate’  –  7 June, The Mirror

Adding VAT to private school fees could raise ‘very little’ new revenue – report  –  7 June, Independent

Out-of-touch Rishi Sunak gives $3million to US college as UK schools can’t afford basics  –  3 June, The Mirror


Pupils who used food banks in pandemic fared worse at GCSEs, study finds.  –  25 May, The Guardian

Let’s make the old school tie a thing of the past  –  25 May, The Times

Spare a thought for Britain’s new persecuted minority: the privately educated  –  23 May, The Guardian

Revealed: How prestigious UK private schools are making millions from opening up academies in China – with pupils taught to march with guns and ‘protect the motherland’  –  21 May, Daily Mail

Ellesmere College failures over online nude images – report  –  19 May, BBC News

UK private school fees up 6% in biggest rise since financial crash  –  19 May, The Times

An exodus of inner city parents is closing schools – and threatens to derail house prices  –  18 May, The Telegraph

The new Oxbridge trick  –  go private then switch to state  –  18 May, The Times

The parents who fear Labour’s private school plan will mean they have to move their children to state  –  18 May, inews

How to get an elite education for your children without spending a fortune  –  16 May, The Telegraph

Private school pupils more likely to get into Cambridge if they move to state sixth form  –  16 May, The Telegraph

Tory parents should pull children out of ‘woke’ schools, says headmistress  –  15 May, The Independent 

Why Sir Keir Starmer’s war on wealth will trash what’s left of the British economy  –  14 May, The Telegraph

Sending child to state secondary school costs UK families £39 a week, study says  –  11 May, The Guardian

Mum livid as £20k-a-year private school turn down son with suspected autism  –  10 May, Birmingham Mail

Sir Keir Starmer says he is ‘relaxed’ about people being rich in echo of Peter Mandelson  –  9 May, The Telegraph

Debate hears calls to end tax help to private schools  –  5 May, Camden New Journal

Private school teachers vote to strike over ‘fire and rehire’  –  4 May, TES

Private schools told ‘less virtue signalling, more keeping fees down’  –  4 May, The Telegraph

Alastair Campbell’s Diary: We need to broaden the political gene pool  –  2 May, The New European

Welcome to the £1m private school bill  –  30 April, The Times


Parents of private school pupils switching to state education over 19 per cent fee increase  –  25 April, The Telegraph

How to send your children to private school (without breaking the bank)  –  20 April, The Telegraph 

Labour says ‘bold’ mental health plans are ‘deliverable’ as thousands struggle to get help  –  19 April, Liverpool Echo

MP Chris Chope says private schools ‘save taxpayers’ cash’  –  18 April, Bournemouth Echo

Labour’s private school tax hike plans will rob black children like mine of a good education  –  17 April, inews

Who are private schools really for in modern Britain?  –  16 April, The Sunday Times

‘I’m fed up of private school parents being demonised – we’re not all wealthy snobs’  –  14 April, The Mirror

Disappearing schools, families forced out – and we call this progress  –  13 April, The Guardian

Help out on tax burden, says Yousaf’s old school  –  11 April, The Times

Going to private school makes you twice as likely to vote Tory, study finds  –  8 April, The Guardian

Does Labour’s tax plan for private schools add up?  –  7 April, The Times

We chose America after Oxbridge rejected us  –  now we’re staying  –  2 April. The Times 


How Humza Yousaf’s heritage and private school made a first minister  –  31 March, The Times

Too few want to admit that boys and girls are different  –  29 March, The Telegraph

Teaching state school kids to love cricket is hard. I know. I’ve tried  –  28 March, The Guardian

We Must Ban Private Schools. Ash Sarkar Meets Richard Beard.  –  26 March, Novara Media

I saw how damaging it is for government to be stuffed with private school alumni  –  25 March, Centre Think Tank

Surrey parents will face scramble for state school places if Labour adds VAT to school fees  –  25 March, The Telegraph

4 boarding schools showcasing the real value of a British education  –  24 March, Study International

Private and state schools ‘should share new teachers’  –  23 March, TES

Rishi Sunak releases tax return details showing income while chancellor and prime minister  –  23 March, Sky News

‘He would rub shoulders with a much broader cross-section of his future subjects’: Labour MP says Prince William should break with tradition and send Prince George to a state school, instead of £46,000-a-year Eton  – 18 March, Daily Mail

Winchester, Charterhouse and Harrow take teaching online to attract foreign pupils  – 17 March, The Times

UK schools visit Saudi to establish satellites  –  16 March, The Pie News

The Tories keep bottling their push for more grammar schools. Is it because they know they don’t work?  –  16 March, The Guardian

MCC is an unfair target for culture warriors like Stephen Fry  –  16 March, The Telegraph

MCC back down after revolt about Eton v Harrow at Lord’s  –  15 March, The Telegraph

UK private schools rush to expand overseas as profits soar  –  12 March, The Guardian

Edinburgh student says people mock his accent as he’s not from a ‘posh school’  –  12 March, Edinburgh Live

How UK private schools’ overseas satellites can bring in large sums  –  12 March, The Guardian

Ellis Genge: From ‘mad dog’ to leader of the pack  –  9 March, The Times

Rachel and Ellie Reeves: “We were constantly underestimated as state-school girls”  –  8 March, New Statesman

Oxford private schools ‘a major cause of congestion’  –  8 March, Oxford Mail

King Charles to choose new leader of Eton College  –  8 March, The Independent

One in 10 private school students classed as disadvantaged by Edinburgh University  –  7 March, The Tab

International schools shift to new markets after China boom stalls  –  5 March, FT

SNP leadership candidate Humza Yousaf has ‘concerns’ about tax perks for private schools  –  4 March, Daily Record

Bank of England blocks private-school pupils from educational presentations  –  4 March, The Telegraph

How Labour can win: Bridget Phillipson on childcare, Brexit and faith  –  4 March, The Spectator

‘Absurd’: private school pupils classed as ‘deprived’ in diversity drive at Scottish university  –  1 March, The Telegraph


Britain can have more affordable private schools  –  27th February, The Times

Humza Yousaf and Anas Sarwar’s debt to private schools  –  25th February, The Spectator

Middle-class families ‘priced out of private schools’ for their children as fees ‘go up and up’  –  24 February, The Telegraph

SNP leadership hopeful defends private school decision by saying she is a ‘mother first’  –  24 February, The Daily Record

Class and the City of London: my decade of research shows why elitism is endemic and top firms don’t really care  –  23 February, The Conversation

Alastair Campbell’s Diary: The Groucho Marx approach to levelling up  –  22 February, The New European

Taxpayers spent £10.5m on fees for diplomats’ children at UK schools  –  22 February, BBC

Cambridge college cuts private school pupil admissions from almost a half to a quarter  –  19 February, The Telegraph

Labour plans to abolish tax relief on private education could pose problems for Jewish schools  –  19 February, The Jewish Chronicle

Private schools may use charitable foundations to bypass Labour tax plan  –  18 February, The Telegraph

Letters: Save our independent schools  –  18 February, The Spectator

How Caius shed their status as Cambridge’s most privately-educated college  –  17 February, Varsity

Parents Are Utterly Terrified At The Prospect Of Nursery Fees Going Up  –  17 February, Huffington Post

Unions call for urgent action on England’s ‘dangerous’ school buildings  –  16 February, The Guardian

Wealth taxes and private school levies on the table as Labour prepares for government  –  13 February, The Telegraph

UK agency looks to seize mortgage fraudster’s donation to Chelsea private school  –  13 February, City A.M.

Mortgage fraudster fights to keep refund from Sloane Square school  –  13 February, The Times

The true cost of Labour’s war on private schools  –  11 February, The Spectator

MCC may be forced to reinstate annual Eton v Harrow match  –  10 February, The Times

In My View: Ellie Reeves, MP for Lewisham West & Penge  –  10 February, London News Online

Why do private schools produce such disastrous governments?  –  9 February, The Herald

Just what is the state of private education in 2023? By Nick Hillman  8  February, HEPI

New TV drama Consent reveals just how how rife misogyny and rape culture is in schools today  –  7 February, Metro

London public and state schools unite to find science teacher amid hiring ‘crisis’  –  3 February, Evening Standard

Britain’s broken meritocracy is destroying our democracy  –  3 February, The Telegraph

Evidence why the size of a school class does count  –  3 February, Islington Tribune

State school tops rankings for average A-level grades  –  2 February, The Telegraph

UK strikes: 500,000 strike as teachers have ‘concern about the future of education’  –  2 February, The Mirror

How to dislodge the posh clique that rules Britain  –  1 February, The Guardian

Top private schools’ ‘paltry’ charity work revealed  –  31 January, Open Democracy


Elite universities aren’t hotbeds of ‘wokery’: our research shows they’re rife with racism and classism  –  30 January, The Guardian

To understand the Zahawi story and Tory sleaze, look no further than Britain’s posh cliques  –  29 January, The Guardian

Exclusive: ‘Hypocrite’ Keir Starmer benefited from private school charity  –  28 January, The Telegraph

Keir Starmer: ‘We haven’t won – yet’  –  28 January, The Spectator

The private school sector has ‘priced itself into irrelevance’.  –  26 January, TES

American Nepo Babies Have Nothing on the British  –  25 January, The Vice

Pushy parents a threat to prep schools, says Prince George’s former headteacher  –  23 January, The Telegraph

Was the closure of the grammar schools really such a tragedy?  –  21 January, The Spectator

Can You Afford Private School?  –  21 January, The Times

World class series of guests set to inspire students at independent Harrogate school  –  19 January, Harrogate Advertiser

MPs have rejected an inquiry into removing private schools’ charitable status. Which side are they on?  The Morning Star

Teachers at Winchester, Rishi Sunak’s school, set to strike  –  18 January, The Times

Universities should give quarter of places to disadvantaged students, says top head  –  17 January, The Telegraph

‘Upper-class politicians get a free pass to riches while we all live in an Eton mess’  –  13 January, The Mirror

Teaching union fails to secure enough support for strike – except in 125 private schools  –  12 January, The Telegraph

Personal statements for university students are ditched amid fears some applicants get unfair advantage  –  12 January, Daily Mail

London teachers seeking expert help for schoolboys influenced by Andrew Tate’s misogyny  –  10 January, The Standard

Private school admissions will not be restricted, says Oxford’s new vice-chancellor  –  10 January, The Telegraph

Third of England’s teachers who qualified in last decade ‘have left profession’  –  9 January, The Guardian

By speaking out in his autobiography, Spare, Harry challenges a repressed institution that traduced his grief and demanded his mute compliance.  –  6 January, The New Statesman

Children as young as five in England target of new careers programme  –  5 January, The Guardian

Hannah Fry: Studying maths until 18 will traumatise teenagers – not transform Britain  –  5 January, inews

Labour policies are stuck in the student union  –  28 December, The Telegraph

‘Drill and kill’ for England’s state schools while private sector goes progressive  –  18 August. The Guardian

December 2022

Slower social mobility is breeding nepo babies  –  22 December, The Times

Boarding schools are bad for children. Why do they still exist?  –  19 December, MadeintheUK

Imposing VAT on private school fees would make the UK more unequal  – 17 December, The Telegraph

Should private schools keep their tax relief?  –  17 December, The Times

Pupils ‘crying at school or stealing from breakfast clubs’ as they’ve got no food at home  –  13 December, The Mirror

Royal Hospital School: 100 pupils’ chance to go to private  –  13 December, Ipswich Star

The new class rules? It’s not about the money  –  11 December, The Times

Labour MP leads revolt over Keir Starmer’s controversial plan to charge VAT on private school fees, saying he is not ‘convinced by the numbers’  10 December, Daily Mail

How to get a scholarship to a top UK private school  –  9 December, The Times

Labour wants every child to achieve and believe they can realise their dreams  –  9 December, Sunderland Echo

Best private secondary schools in the UK 2023  –  9 December, The Times

Labour private school fees crackdown set to raise £10million from Eton alone  –  7 December, The Mirror

What does the private school debate mean for charities?  –  6 December, Civil Society

It’s easy for Keir Starmer to be principled about state schools  –  6 December, Independent

Keir Starmer is slammed over plans to strip private schools of tax breaks while praising them for doing ‘huge amount’ for the country  –  5 December, Daily Mail

Private schools’ £480m help for poorest pupils as value of bursary places rises by 30% in ten years  –  4 December, Daily Mail

Labour ramps up war on private schools with demand for watchdog to investigate fees  –  4 December, The Telegraph

The Observer view on radical change being needed to overcome elitism in education  –  4 December, The Observer

Relieving Britain’s private schools of their state handout shame is surely an act of charity  –  3 December, The Guardian

Rishi Sunak saves himself £12,700 by refusing to scrap tax breaks for private schools  –  2 December, The Mirror

Of course private schools should pay VAT – but why stop there?  –  1 December, The Independent

Everyone Is Pointing Out The Major Flaw In The Daily Mail’s Latest Attack On Keir Starmer  –  29 November, The Huffington Post

Private schools furlough staff at taxpayer’s expense on government covid scheme  –  9 April 2020, Evening Standard

Rich resources of private schools give pupils educational advantage, IOE research shows  –  5 November 2019, UCL

November 2022

Keir Starmer’s class war threat to 200 private schools: Labour’s plan to put VAT on fees could lead to mass closures, expert warns  –  28 November, Daily Mail

Fury over Labour class war on private schools: Keir Starmer vows to pursue policy of scrapping charitable status to fund catch-up programme for ALL pupils  –  27 November, Daily Mail

Alastair Campbell’s Diary: The “top” private schools are a big part of what’s wrong with Britain  22 November, New European

Early years: Poor pupils make less progress in richer areas

Early years: Poor pupils make less progress in richer areas

New research show  –  22nd November, TES

Letters: Malfunctioning general practice is causing chaos throughout the NHS  –  22 November, The Telegraph

Hunt under fire for using lobby group data to shield private schools from £1.7bn VAT  –  19 November, The Guardian

Eton College boys ‘booed’ visiting state schoolgirls  –  18 November, BBC

Art, drama and languages to become ‘preserve of private schools’ as state sector cuts bite  –  12 November, The Guardian

Renowned UK Prep School Raises £30 Million in Private Debt Deal  –  11 November, Bloomberg

A-level disadvantage gap widest since records began  –  10 November, Feweek

Alumni from Britain’s top girls’ public schools 20 times more likely to reach elite positions  –  9 November, LSE News

Bursary Foundation: the Manchester charity helping get disadvantaged youngsters into top private schools  –  8 November, Manchester World

Schools to cut staff in budget squeeze, union says  –  8 November, BBC

Readers’ poll: Should private schools lose their tax advantages?  –  6 November, The Times

School closure meeting told how gentrification is ‘killing’ Camden for working class  –  3 November, Camden New Journal

Letters: Doctors and nurses need better incentives to keep working in the NHS  –  1 November, The Telegraph

Benenden, Sevenoaks, Kings: Three Kent private schools named the best in the world by prestigious Spear’s list  –  1 November, Kent Live News

Cambridge City Hockey Club working hard to bridge the state school gap  –  31 October, Cambridge Independent

Rape, child abuse and Prince Charles’s former school  –  12 April 2015, The Guardian

October 2022

Oxbridge demands higher grades from UK private school pupils than state counterparts  –  31 October, National News

Cambridge accused of ‘social engineering’ as state school pupils now more likely to get a place  –  27 October, The Telegraph

Majority of Rishi Sunak’s new cabinet went to private school  –  26 October, ITV News

Rishi Sunak challenged over private schooling of daughters and Cabinet  –  26 October, The National

Rishi Sunak’s cabinet exposes how weak he is  –  26 October, New Statesman

The education of Rishi Sunak, the UK’s first non-white prime minister  –  25 October, Study International

The child sexual abuse inquiry did not go far enough  –  23 October, The Guardian

Time To Abolish Boarding Schools?  –  17 October, Richard Hughes Psychotherapy

Four out of five pupils in England say progress suffered due to Covid  –  13 October, The Guardian

Warning: a private education can seriously limit your career choices  –  12 October, Herald Scotland

Flourishing old-boys network is still helping private pupils  –  10 October, The Times

Truss’s privately educated cabinet has no concept of the reality of benefits – but I do  –  4 October, The Independent

Time to be radical: bring back grammar schools now  –  28 September, The Telegraph

September 2022

MCC members rebel to save elite cricket fixtures  –  27 September, The Times

Universities asked to explain ‘disadvantaged’ criteria for offers  –  26 September, The Telegraph

Scottish Independent Schools Review: A good education can be priceless — literally  –  25 September, The Times

Teachers remain concerned by post-Covid attainment gap  –  22 September, Independent Education Today

‘Childcare will be completely reimagined if we win power’, vows Labour’s shadow education secretary  –  22 September, The Standard

Teenagers from affluent areas suffer biggest drop in university places in a decade  –  22 September, The Telegraph

The cost-of-living crisis is threatening to worsen student wealth disparities  –  20 September, Epigram

Earlier Oxbridge applications create new obstacle for poorer students, say experts  –  18 September, The Observer

Schools urge parents to help plug funding gaps as costs soar  –  17 September, The Guardian

Amid the mourning, we republicans should look and learn – but we must not be silenced  –  16 September, The Guardian

Parents ‘frightened for their kids’ as schools in Oxfordshire face cost of living crisis  –  14 September, Oxford Mail

Gordonstoun: The Scottish boarding school that taught King Charles III  –  13 September, The Independent

Independent Schools Guide: All-inclusive educational opportunities  –  13 September, The Scotsman

Posho ranking: These are the universities with the most private school students in 2022  –  12 September, The Tab

Eton accused of breaking no grassroots football rule following Queen’s death  –  11 September, The Mirror

‘Kids’ SATs results show we still need to bridge the gap in their education’  –  7 September, The Mirror

Kit Malthouse, the fifth Education secretary in a year, has five key problems to solve  –  7 September, inews

Discrimination fears as Cambridge admits record number of state school pupils  –  6 September, The Telegraph

Revealed: How private schools dominate English sport  –  2 September, The Telegraph

August 2022

Are UK private schools worth their soaring fees?  –  28 August, The National News

What does the dramatic fall in GCSE grades tell us? That private schools were gaming the system  –  25 August, The Guardian

Morgan: Tories “enabling” state and private school attainment gap to grow  –  25 August, Labour List

‘GCSE creative arts subjects at risk of becoming preserve of private schools’  –  24 August, Independent

A levels: ‘Harsh’ to claim private schools fiddled grades  –  23 August, TES

Did independent schools really “fiddle” their A-Level grades more than other schools in 2021?  –  23 August, FFT Education Data Lab

The truth is that schools do little to reduce inequality  –  22 August, Financial Times

New report shows that UK education system preserves inequality  –  20 August, North East Bylines

Charities’ concerns at regional and schools gaps for disadvantaged pupils  –  18 August, The Independent

Undervalued and unwanted: how private schools are fighting back against positive discrimination  –  18 August, The Telegraph

British universities will pay dearly for punishing ‘affluent’ families  –  16 August, The Telegraph

Educational inequalities in England barely improve in two decades, study finds  –  16 August, Financial Times

Secretary Bridget Phillipson on A-levels and why she’s putting state schools first  –  13 August, inews

DANNY CIPRIANI: England’s failings are NOT down to education… they are down to Eddie Jones. Let’s have a coach who takes responsibility and encourages players to think for themselves  –  11 August, The Daily Mail

Private schools hit back after Eddie Jones’ criticism  –  8 August, The Telegraph

The problem with public school rugby, according to Eddie Jones  –  6 August, The Telegraph

Truss’s Oxbridge interview giveaway will hinder, not help  –  4 August, Varsity

Poorer pupils earn 20% less than those who went to private school, data from 38million people shows  –  4 August, The Daily Mail

July 2022

DfE ‘has put schools on the brink of a full-blown funding crisis’  –  22nd July, TES

Shh, one is secretly posh – Don’t mention private school or gap year – any toff worth the family pile is now playing down their privilege, confesses Sophia Money-Coutts  –  17th July, Daily Mail

We need more private schools  –  19th July, The Critic

Scottish private schools emerge from Covid £12.3m richer  –  17th July, The Ferret

Sunday shows: Tax breaks for private schools “out of step”, Phillipson says  –  17th July, Labour List

Private schools going bust would be a disaster for the poor  –  16th July, The Telegraph

Private education has corrupted our country  –  12th July, The Telegraph

Independent schools attack ‘counterproductive’ Labour VAT policy  –  11th July, IE-today

How Labour’s independent school pledge would reshape the sector  –  11th July, TES

The lesson from Johnson’s tenure – British politics needs dragging into the 21st century  –  10th July, The Guardian

Keir Starmer savages Tory tax hike ‘hypocrisy’ and vows major change for private schools  –  10th July, The Mirror


‘We need to expel the Tories to give our children’s education a fighting chance’  –  6th July, The Mirror

Languages learning in ‘slow recovery’ following the pandemic  –  7th July, Evening Standard

Losing three ministers from education will have ‘disruptive impact’, say heads  –  6th July, Evening Standard

Should we ban private schools?  –  5th July, Tortoise Media

The British public schools sitting on piles of cash  –  3rd July, The Times

In Dark Corners – Eton to Fettes  –  24th June, BBC Sounds

June 2022

The public cost of private schools: rising fees and luxury facilities raise questions about charitable status  –  27 June, The Conversation

I can’t shake the guilt that I once thought all state school kids were ‘chavs’  –  18 June, The Metro

The Everyone’s Invited scandal: what happened next  –  20- June, The Times

No places at Edinburgh University law course for top students  –  13 June, The Times

UK private schools’ fees to rocket in face of ‘storm of pressures’  –  13 June, The National News

Give spare places in boarding schools to children in care  –  13 June, The Times

The Social Distance Between Us by Darren McGarvey review – it’s a long, long way from Westminster  –  12 June, The Guardian

Private school pupil numbers rise to record high  –  8 June, Independent

Oxbridge admissions must rethink the ‘state vs. independent’ binary  –  4 June, Varsity

Top US colleges are poaching private school pupils who are rejected from Oxford and Cambridge  –  4 June, The Mail on Sunday

School that charges £28k a year found to be ‘unsafe’ and ‘not fit for purpose’ in Birmingham  –  1 June, Birmingham Mail

How should I save up for a family home and school fees?  –  23 May, Investors’ Chronicle

May 2022

Letters: The true state of Oxbridge admissions  –  28th May, The Spectator

Oxbridge should not discriminate against private school students, minister warns  –  28 May, The Telegraph

Top London school’s lessons for Ukrainian child refugees  –  26 May, Evening Standard

The 93 Percent Club for state school-educated students: ‘Our network is for everyone’  –  26 May, The Times

How should I save up for a family home and school fees?  –  25 May, Investors Chronical

Why more batsmen go to private schools than bowlers  –  25 May, The Telegraph

State schools are not the wild west and ‘Britain’s strictest headmistress’ is not Clint Eastwood  –  24 May, The Guardian

Education secretary sends his children to private schools but suggests it was wife’s decision  –  23 May, The Independent

Eton headmaster wants more ‘northern and disadvantaged pupils’ going to Oxbridge in plan to level up education  –  23 May, inews

Private schools are a waste of money  –  23 May, The Critic

Education secretary sends his children to private schools but suggests it was wife’s decision  –  23 May, The Independent

‘Elite universities such as Oxbridge should take more pupils from state schools’  –  18 May, The Mirror

Are selective sixth forms a real social mobility solution?  –  18 May, TES

State school pupils with same grades as private should go to Oxbridge – Zahawi  –  16 May, Evening Standard

Private schools aren’t ‘losing’ places at Oxbridge, their unfair privileges are being tackled- that’s all  –  16 May, Left Foot Forward

The Times view on independent schools: Private Initiative  –  16 May, The Times

Boarding school fees soar to £50,000 a year  –  15 May, The Times

Education Secretary rejects push for Oxbridge to admit more state school pupils  –  14 May, The Metro

England’s crumbling schools are a ‘risk to life’, officials warn No 10  –  14 May, The Guardian

The culture wars have crept into Oxbridge admissions  –  14 May, The Spectator

Don’t bash private schools: celebrate them  –  14 May, The Telegraph

Tory peer warns of ‘inexorable decline’ in quality of Oxbridge applicants  –  13 May, School Management Plus

Solving the Oxford problem  –  12 May, Prospect Magazine

Why private schools should be abolished  –  8 May, Varsity

Times letters: Fewer Oxbridge places for privately educated pupils  –  5 May, The Times

We’re hurting Oxbridge in the name of equality  –  5 May, The Times

Privately educated students to be offered fewer places at Cambridge and Oxford Universities  –  4 May, ITV

Grammar school pupils must not be discriminated against, MPs tell Oxbridge  –  4 May, The Telegraph

Stop acting like private school pupils “own” Oxbridge places  –  4 May, New Statesman

Student protest erupts at Eton over fears for future of hunting society  –  1 May, The Telegraph

April 2022

Boris Johnson allowing ‘wild west’ of misogyny in parliament, Tracy Brabin says  –  29 April, The Guardian

‘You went to a private school!’ Carole Malone blasts call for royals to go to state school  –  27 April, Daily Express

Teachers’ leader calls for crackdown on ‘bad bosses’ in private schools  –  17 April, The Standard

Independent school staff face burgeoning workloads and shrinking pay packets  –  12 April, ie-today

PRIVATE FOOLS Top private school sends begging letter to help rich Russians pay kids’ £42,000-a-year fees  –  11 April, The Sun

Mother who’s outraged at her child’s private school upping fees by 7% and claims it should be run ‘like a charity’ and not a ‘ponzi scheme’ is told to ‘stop moaning’ and find a state school  –  11 April, The Mail

Rishi Sunak moves belongings out of Downing Street as he clings on to job as Chancellor  –  11 April, The Mirror

Top private school hosted UK head of Kremlin cultural agency linked to Russian intelligence  –  8 April, Independent

Cricket’s class problem  –  7 April, Prospect Magazine

Private school pupils no happier than state school peers, study finds  –  7 April, The Standard

London private schools plan to teach Ukrainian refugee children who have fled the war  –  6 April, Evening Standard

Rishi Sunak has donated more than £100,000 to his old boarding school Winchester College  –  5 April, Sky News

“Eton outpost” in Middlesbrough: no real interest from the elitist college  3 April, North East Bylines

Angela Rayner shares optimism over Oldham Eton sixth form school  –  1 April, The Oldham Times

Just half of secondary teachers tell parents about action on ‘falling behind’ pupils  –  30 March, Schoolsweek

Why it is crassly arrogant to assume Boro needs Eton  –  26 March, The Northern Echo

March 2022

Private schools find this war uncomfortable, but they have only themselves to blame  –  27 March, The Telegraph

A Harrogate district private school receives over £8m a year from the government to pay the school fees of children whose parents serve in the British Army.  –  23 March, The Stray Ferret

Taxpayers spend £250m sending army officers’ children to elite public schools including Eton and Harrow  –  16 April 2018, iNews

Headteacher defends plan for free ‘Etons of the north’ sixth forms  –  21 March, The Guardian

Children from deprived areas ‘let down’ as 247 pupils win Oxbridge places in 3 years  –  19 March, The Mirror

Eton, we have a problem  –  17 March, The New European

Don’t bash private schools for educating oligarch kids  –  16 March, The Spectator

Grammars accused of being ‘monopolised’ by rich as data reveals high private school intake and few poor pupils  –  15 March, inews

Eton up north, for free? Yes really

The public school is launching three sixth forms. Don’t get excited if you’re middle class.  –  14 March, The Times

The curious social backlash that comes with private education  –  10 March, The Spectator

Eton plans on levelling-up sixth forms by opening three satellite units in ‘cold spots’ targeted by Government  –  10 March, Daily Mail

British private schools including Eton, Winchester and Harrow should lose their charitable status if they take fees from Russian families linked to Vladimir Putin, Labour MP says  –  10 March, Daily Mail

Britain’s private schools face funding shortfall as sanctions on wealthy Russians tighten  –  7 March, Telegraph

Fears of ‘glaring loopholes’ in crackdown on Putin’s allies sending children to UK private schools  –  5 March, Independent

Tell us if we should take money from rich Russian parents, ask private school heads  –  4 March, Evening Standard

Independent Schools Guide: Plan early to deal with fees  –  3 March, The Scotsman

Private schools are put on alert over fees and advised not to take money from Russian banks or parents  –  1 March, Daily Mail

February 2022

Russia sanctions: Tory MPs demand UK private schools ramp up ‘due diligence’ to keep out cash linked to Kremlin  –  26 February, inews

Russian pupils at UK private schools ‘terrified’ of being ostracised by classmates after Ukraine invasion  –  26 February, inews

Oxford and Cambridge pull ahead in state-school entries as other Russell Group universities slow down  –  23 February, The Times

SNP to issue private schools with new rules on child protection  –  20 February, The Times

Parents plot counter-strike at top girls’ schools  –  20 February, The Spectator

Private schools say fees would double if State funding is withdrawn for sector  –  19 February, Irish Times

Dirty cash pays fees at top private schools  –  19 February, The Times

London’s private schools push house prices up by as much as 121%  –  14 February, London Post

Firm behind England’s flagship tuition scheme faces dismissal after failing to hit targets  –  13 February, The Guardian

Why the Left would live to regret punishing private schools  –  12 February, The Telegraph

Labour plan to end private schools’ charitable status ‘would flood state sector with pupils’  –  10 February, The Telegraph

‘State school pupils put in real effort during Covid but two-tier system fails them’  –  9 February, The Mirror

GCSE and A-Level students to be given exam ‘clues’ with examiners encouraged to be ‘generous’ after pandemic  –  7 February, Independent

Labour seeks inquiry into huge jump in top grade A-levels at private schools  –  6 February, The Guardian

Private schools ‘gamed’ Covid rules to give their pupils more top A-levels  –  5 February, The Times

Eton could help run new elite state sixth forms in North of England under Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ plans  –  2 February, inews

Frank Turner: ‘I’m a cis, hetero white male and what that means I should do is shut the f*** up’  –  31 January, Independent

January 2022

Expansionist private schools need a lesson in morality – 30 January, The Guardian

‘Fund state schools at the level of private ones’: what sort of levelling up do headteachers want? – 29 January, The Guardian

Highgate school told to draw up new rules after pupils report peer sex assaults – 27 January, Camden New Journal

Girls’ private schools could strike for the first time over pensions Teachers at schools run by the Girls’ Day School Trust could strike over pensions – 25 January, Evening Standard

How to Get a Bursary at Private School – 24 January, FE News

These are the private schools which dominate the Oxbridge offers – 23 January, The Tab

Schools drop anti-homophobia guidance at outposts in Middle East – 22 January, The Times

Middle East arms of British private schools drop anti-homophobic guidance from bullying policies ‘to comply with the laws of the country in which they are operating’ – 22 January, The Mail

Newham school boy Ilyan Benamor earns Eton College place – 22 January, Windsor Observer

Etonian Lives Matter… but not as much as they used to. – 21 January, BBC Sounds
Tory defector says whips told him to back PM or lose school funds – 20 January, The Guardian

Teachers warn it will take 18 MONTHS for pupils to catch up after falling behind on studies during the Covid pandemic – 19 January, The Mai

Abuse at top school ‘like Lord of the Flies’ – 15 January, The Times

Private schools not better than public: Report – 14 January, The Standard

Choice of schools does not make parents happier – 14 January, The Times

State school teachers ‘report higher staff absences than private school peers’ – 14 January, Evening Standard

David Cameron does a U-turn over education and sends his daughter to a £21,000-a-year private school – 7 January, The Mail

Single-sex education under threat as Eton and Harrow likely to admit girls within the next 50 years – 3 January, The Telegraph

Private schools’ ban on trans girls is legally ‘unwise at best’, experts say – 3 January, Pink News

December 2021

Private schools say exclusion from State grants is ‘discriminatory’ – 27 December, The Irish Times

SETTLING SCORES The Private School Prime Minister Takes his Revenge – 27 December, The Byline Times

Elitist schools work against common good – 16 December, The Times

Loosening the Old School Tie – 14 December, BBC R4

Private schools in Scotland set to lose lucrative tax break from next year – 13 December, Daily Record

Bristol school founded by slave trader Edward Colston to change its name – 6 December, Sky News

Social mobility tsar feels ‘sorry’ for private schools – 6 December, TES

The painful truth behind British boarding schools, by Sunday Times readers – 4 December, The Times

Alastair Campbell’s diary: Public school teaches Tories to have OUR cake and eat it – 2 December, The New European

‘Charitable status is unsustainable in the medium to long term’ – 2 December, Independent Education Today

November 2021

Downfall of Britain’s WOKEST head: She makes £400k a year at a school loved by the rich but is leaving after a revolt by parents who said pupils are indoctrinated about ‘white privilege’ – as we reveal how a staff meeting sparked claims of anti-Semitism – 26 November, The Daily Mail

Fettes College ‘like Lord of the Flies’ in 1970s – 25 November, The Times

The reason private schools have gone woke? To distract from the REAL privilege their pupils enjoy! – 25 November,

Elite Private Schools Increase Assets by More than Half a Billion Pounds in Six Years – 25 November, Byline Times

State Vs Private Schools: What’s Behind the Growing Grade Gap? – 25 November, Shout Out UK

How state schools fought back in the great youth rugby arms race – 23 November, The Telegraph

More parents keeping their daughters in girls’ schools after Everyone’s Invited abuse accounts, heads report – 22 November, inews

More parents keeping their daughters in girls’ schools after Everyone’s Invited abuse accounts, heads report – 22 November, inews

White British cricketers from private schools 34 times more likely than young Asians to reach elite level – 22 November, The Guardian

Don’t mock young people for being ‘woke’ – they are ‘just being kind’, says top headteacher – 22 November, inews

Private school teachers to vote on first national strike over pensions – 22 November, The Telegraph

Nazis based their elite schools on top British private schools – 17 November, The Guardian

White working class needs college quotas, says actor Eddie Marsan – 17 November, The Times

Christ’s Hospital shouldn’t lecture pupils on white privilege – 17 November, The Spectator

Privately educated mother who grew up in a large home says she’s ’embarrassed’ she can’t give her children the same start in life despite a ‘decent career’ – as parents agree money doesn’t stretch as far anymore – 16 November, The Daily Mail

GCSEs 2022: Top private schools say ‘narrow’ GCSE exams no longer fit for purpose – 16 November, inews

Pupils at prestigious public school will receive lessons in ‘understanding white privilege’ – 13 November, The Telegraph

What would a socially just education system look like? – 12 November, Comprehensive Futures

The best private schools in the UK for getting a place at Oxbridge – 11 November, The Telegraph

Disadvantaged graduates earn half as much as privileged peers in first job – 12 November, The Guardian

Independent sector offers pupils better grounding in political literacy – 9 November, Independent Education Today

Cambridgeshire’s top private schools and how much they really cost – 5 November, Cambridge News

Essex’s poshest private schools and how much they really cost – 1 November, Essex News

This government of Gradgrinds must breathe life back into schools – 4 November, The Times

A was average A-level grade at independent schools in 2021, DfE data shows – 4 November, The Guardian

Eton College among the schools that receive the most Durham offers – 2 November, Palatinate

Roedean School in fresh row over fears it could admit boys for the first time – 1 November, The Telegraph

Private schools surrender to the Marxist myth of privilege – 1 November, Conservative Woman

October 2021

Bedfordshire’s poshest private schools and how much they really cost – 27 October, Bedfordshire News

School offers laughing lessons to help girls relax after pandemic – 25 October, The Times

Singapore school beats Harrow for Oxbridge places – 24 October, The Times

Revealed: ‘Remarkable’ 10-year school funding ‘squeeze’ – 22 October, TES

Virtue signalling is really status signalling – 23 October, The Spectator

Bursaries: ‘If your adverts don’t reach the right people, they are to no avail’ – 18 October, School Management Plus

Top English private schools put Chinese communists on boards – 18 October, The Times

Overseas satellite colleges rake in millions tax-free for private schools including Harrow – 18 October, The Times

Fifteen state schools got more offers from Russell Group universities than Eton in past three years – 15 October, The Telegraph

Oxbridge should not discriminate against private school pupils because they get more firsts, head says – 15 April 2021, The Telegraph

Britain needs more private schools, not fewer – 10 October, The Telegraph

English private school fees 90% higher than state school spending per pupil – 8 October, The Guardian

‘Pretty privileged!’ Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries vows to end class prejudice at BBC – 4 October, Daily Express

New education secretary Nadhim Zahawi offers a word of caution as he reveals his headteacher inspired him when he was a ‘very naughty’ schoolboy in Iraq – 2 October, The Daily Mail

September 2021

The pandemic ought to be the turning point in the debate about private schools – 30 September, The Guardian

Private schools ‘would become redundant under Labour’ – 28 September, TES

No 10 plans to lower salary level at which graduates start repaying loans – 26 September, Financial Times

‘Everyone worse off’ under Labour private schools plan – 27 September, TES

Is anti-Etonian prejudice really OK? – 26 September, Spectator

Keir Starmer vows to tax private schools £1.7bn to help poorer kids in major shake-up – 25 September, Daily Mirror

Scotland exams: Private school pupils given easier ride than state school pupils during 2021 exams, stats show – 21 September, The Scotsman

GOING PRIVATE How to get your child into a £44,000-a-year private school for free – 17 September, The Sun

Levelling up must begin by tackling the state-private education divide – 15th September, The Times

‘It is a pernicious myth that independent schools are only for the rich’ – 14 September, School Management Plus

Ofqual won’t be able to explain private school grades boost – 10 September, Schools Week

They grow up to run the country – 10 September, The Spectator

UK private schools face curbs on China links in Beijing’s education crackdown – 5 September, Financial Times

Books railing against private schools are actually the best marketing for them – 2 September, The Spectator

August 2021

A-level results 2021: Private schools see bigger jump in top grades – 10 August, Schools Week

Pupils at Yorkshire’s most expensive private school not guaranteed top grades, data shows – 10 August, The Yorkshire Press

£4m Latin excellence programme: What you need to know – 2 August, Schools Week

Ofqual analysis on 2020 grading: 5 new findings – 29 July, Schools Week

Private schools facing most pressure from parents over grades – 29 July, Independent Education Today

Richer parents pressure teachers on exam grades – 29 July, BBC

Celebrated head to open colleges for deprived Londoners – 27 July, The Times

July 2021

LSE students demand university bans all private school students, eradicates free market economist Friedrich Hayek from the curriculum, no platforms speakers and introduces minority quotas for staff – 27 July, Mail Online

Schools lobby Oxbridge for private pupils – 25 July, The Times

Do problems in private schools fuel sexual misconduct in universities? – 22 July, WONKHE

Hartlepool boy lands educational opportunity of a lifetime – The Northern Echo, 21 July

Heads condemn ‘nonsensical’ GCSE data decision ‘given the greatly differing extent to which pupils’ learning has been affected by the pandemic’ – 19 July, TES

‘Major improvement’ needed after Horris Hill school rated one for food hygiene – 16 July, Basingstoke Gazette

How the Bullingdon Club still runs Britain – 16 July, Mail Online

Safeguarding standards at private Ruthin School still not good enough, warns report – 15 July, Daily Post

‘I asked my family to help send my daughter to private school in case of another lockdown’ – 14 July, Daily Telegraph

Poor pupils make bona fide classicists – 12 July, The Times

British-branded schools in China forced to teach Beijing curriculum in bid to ensure ‘right’ thinking – 10 July, Daily Telegraph

Learn wherever you like, says school – 12 July, The Times

Value of a GCSE revealed: every higher grade is worth £23,000 more – 9 July, Daily Telegraph

Heathside Trial: Hampstead high school was ‘shambolic’, ex-staff tell judge– 9 July, Ham & High Express

Most primary schools in England ‘stopped teaching languages in first lockdown’ – 8 July, Evening Standard

How has Covid-19 affected language learning in England’s schools? – 8 July, British Council

Private schools set for surge in admissions after lockdown chaos – 4 July, The Times

Covid surge forces top private schools to close until next term – 4 July, The Times

Readers reply: what’s the right response to a friend who says they are sending their child to private school? – 4 July, The Guardian

School funding formula has moved cash from deprived to wealthier areas, National Audit Office finds – 2 July, The independent

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June 2021

‘Top of the Toffs’: The long history of surprisingly posh rock stars – 29 June, The Telegraph

Woke Independent Schools – Why are we so afraid? – 29 June, YouTube

Private schools reap hundreds of millions of dollars in jobkeeper funding – 28 June, The Guardian

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Tory MPs accused of adding fuel to ‘culture war’ in education report – 21 June, The Guardian

Rugby’s Bilton Grange Preparatory strikes new note with choir school – 21 June, The Times

‘It’s woke madness!’ GMB viewers slam decision by £26,000-a-year St Paul’s Girls’ School to cancel the term ‘head girl’ because it’s ‘too binary’ – 21 June, The Daily Mail

A second mortgage to pay for school fees – 20 June, The Times

Eton v the sea trout: college’s land sale sparks fears of river pollution – 19 June, The Guardian

‘No queer sex ed and homophobia goes unpunished’: This is what it’s like to grow up LGBT+ in UK boarding schools – 19 June, Pink News

Big drop in number of private school pupils as families ‘tighten purse strings’ – 19 June, The Telegraph

Revealed: The best private schools for getting a place at Oxbridge – 17 June, The Telegraph

Pathway of privilege: Cambridge college takes 22 pupils from single elite school – 17 June, The Telegraph

Everyone’s Invited: ‘Matter of concern’ 8 times more private schools listed on anti-sexual harassment site, MP says – 15 June, The Evening Standard

A bursary can completely change a disadvantaged young person’s life – 16 June,

Chinese parents lose confidence in Britain’s private schools – 15 June, Financial Times

Ex-pupils who compiled sexual abuse dossier accused of blocking inquiry – 13 June, The Guardian

‘Our obsession with Oxbridge means we’re missing out on lots of young talent’ – 14 June, The Telegraph

Blackheath High School lets its wallflowers blossom with quiet spaces after lockdown – 12 June, The Times

Private schools to begin anonymously surveying students to draw out experiences of sexual harassment – 11 June, inews

Harrow School is set to open campus in Japan where more than 900 boarders will study following the ‘British model’ amid a ‘stunning natural setting’ – 10 June, Daily Mail

Isn’t it Time We Question Private Schools? – 11 June,

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Private Schools in the UK Accused of Mishandling Sexual Violence Claims – 9 June, Vice

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Laptop library opens to help disadvantaged pupils struggling to get online – 2 June, The Independent

Shernold Prep School in Maidstone to close due to falling numbers – 1 June, KentOnline

What Oxford taught me about posh people – 1 June, Unherd

May 2021

Exclusive: Independent schools reap benefits as Hong Kong families move to UK – 31 May, The Telegraph

Illegal schools: Government accused of ‘unacceptable’ delays to crackdown – 30 May, Schools Week

The best value private schools in the UK – 27 May, The Telegraph

Importance of being Eton – 26 May, Prospect Magazine

‘It was like Lord of the Flies’ – Horrific accounts of abuse could be boarding schools’ ‘MeToo’ moment – 25 May, Herald Scotland

Almost one year in to her two-year role, Larissa Kennedy, one of the youngest ever presidents of the National Union of Students, explains why she wants louder FE campuses – 25 May, FE Week

‘It would be hard to replicate these experiences’: Inside the Scottish boarding school boom – 24 May, Daily Telegraph

Parents fear for pupils’ mental state at £53,000 fee school – 24 May, BBC

MSPs four times as likely to have been educated at private school – 24 May, The Sunday Times.

The reckoning with sexual violence began in private school – 24 May, GQ Magazine

In defence of meritocracy – 19 May, New Statesman

Make class protected characteristic, urges Social Mobility Commission – 20 May, Personnel Today

The Civil Service is full of privileged people – but it could become a role model for fair career progression – 20 May, inews.

Class of senior civil servants has barely changed since 1967, report reveals – 20 May, The Guardian

Cambridge takes record numbers of ethnic minority and state pupils – 20 May, The Times

China bars foreign curricula, ownership in some private schools – 17 May, Reuters

Teacher tells of despair over bullying and sexual abuse at private school – 16 May, Herald Scotland

Female ‘diversity officer’ quits top £17,000-a-year private school after less than a year after institution was accused of ‘widespread racist abuse – 13 May, Daily Mail

Careful design needed to make Post-Qualification Offer system work, says Russell Group – 13 May, FE News

An unhealthy obsession with Westminster – it’s time for career politicians to make way for ordinary people – 13 May, The Independent

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First drop in independent school student numbers in a decade – 12 May, IE Today

First decline in private school pupils for ten years – 12 May, The Times

Concerns over impartiality of school abuse review – 12 May, BBC

Growth in private school fees slows during pandemic – 11 May, Financial Times.

DfE finally hits target on laptops for disadvantaged – 11 May, TES

Private school students get into Oxbridge more because they’re just smarter, says professor – 11 May, The Tab

How much do you REALLY need to earn to send a child to private school? Mother with £100,000 household income is warned it’s ‘impossible’ to send her daughter to a £13,000-a-year pre-prep without savings – 10 May, Daily Mail

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Britain’s overgrown Eton schoolboys have turned the country into their playground – 2 May, The Guardian

Suburban private schools reap the benefits as families move out of London – 1 May, The Telegraph

April 2021

Are private schools really worth the money any more?30 April, The Telegraph

Gavin Williamson wants to turn more state schools into academies28 April, The Guardian

Woke wars at New York’s elite schools (fees $50,000) 28 April, The Times

Will Young on prep school, PTSD and psychotherapy: ‘Shame doesn’t help anything’ 26 April, The Guardian

David Cameron introduced schoolfriend to Tory ‘fixer’ to discuss Covid tests 26 April, The Guardian

Westminster and the truth about the class ceiling 24 April, Spectator

Exclusive: Private schools to cash in on remote lessons 23 April, TES

Sarwar accepts criticism over private school policy 22 April, TES

Private schools should be ‘phased out’, says report 20 April, TES

£36,000-a-year Catholic boarding school Ampleforth College FAILS its Ofsted report just days after ministers intervened to save it following sex abuse cover-up scandal 20 April, Mail Online

Oxbridge should not discriminate against private school pupils because they get more firsts, head says 19 April, The Times

British schools beat retreat from China 17 April, The Times

Everyone’s Invited: Policies alone can’t solve the problems 15 April, Schools Week

Millfield School responds to ‘completely unacceptable’ sexual assault described on whistleblowing website 14 April, Somerset Live

Meet Zan Moon, The Woman Behind The Instagram Account Highlighting Rape Culture In Schools 14 April, Elle

Private schools accused of obscuring how little they spend on scholarships 13 April, The Times

Private school scholarships ‘do little’ for inclusion 13 April, TES

Lay off private schools, Gavin. There’s bad behaviour in comprehensives too 11 April, The Times

Musa Okwonga: ‘Boys don’t learn shamelessness at Eton, it is where they perfect it’ 10 April, The Guardian

Macron announces closure of elite school that hothoused French leaders8 April, The Guardian

Ofsted chief inspector suggests there may not be any ‘rape culture’ within schools and says many pupils’ sex assault claims are result of videos and pictures taken in the outside world 8 April, Mail Online

Covid: teachers reject catchup options of extended school day and shorter holidays7 April, The Guardian

Ofsted inspectors to visit schools facing sexual abuse claims7 April, The Guardian

Top private school to investigate claims teachers forced girls to kneel on floor to measure skirts5 April, The Telegraph

My second-rate private school gave me a better education than today’s elite establishments ever would5 April, The Telegraph

Ending ‘rape culture’ in schools starts at home, says leading headmistress3 April, The Telegraph

PETER HITCHENS: We’ve seen it before… the ‘rape culture’ frenzy will ruin innocent lives 3 April, Mail Online

Bridging the gap: UK university students tutor disadvantaged pupils2 April, The Guardian

Exclusive: Elite schools ‘ignored us when we warned them about rape culture’2 April, The Telegraph

March 2021

Ofsted chief asked for greater powers to check for abuse in private schools 30 March, Guardian

‘Rape culture’: Children’s tsar wants Ofsted ‘focus’ 30 March, TES

Call for probe into claims of ‘rape culture’ at independent schools 29 March, ITV

Everyone’s Invited: Rape culture website stops naming schools amid fears they take ‘disproportionate’ blame 26 March, Schools Week

‘People demean me because of how I speak’: Durham second year on classism at university 25 March, The Tab

Senior army officer convicted of £48,000 Dorset boarding school fee fraud 25 March, Guardian

Major general jailed for Dorset school fees fraud 25 March, BBC News

Rape normal at private school, says dossier of 170 testimonies 24 March, The Times

Claims of school sexual harassment may become national scandal, warns senior MP 23 March, Evening Standard

Dulwich College accused of being a ‘breeding ground for sexual predators’, in an open letter from former pupil 21 March, iNews

Dulwich College turns boys into sexual abusers, former pupil claims 21 March, The Times

Private school opens ‘female fight club’ to teach pupils boardroom skills 20 March, Telegraph

‘Boys at Britain’s elite schools know they can get away with toxic sexual behaviour’ 20 March, Telegraph

Private schools chase inner-city ‘drive’ 19 March, The Times

Private schools say anonymous reports of sexual abuse put them in ‘difficult’ position 19 March, Telegraph

How mentors can help to close the attainment gap 19 March, TES

Only 44% of catch-up tutoring helps poorest pupils 17 March, TES

Schools Covid catch-up programme ‘not reaching disadvantaged pupils’ 17 March, Guardian

Covid catch-up tutors meet no more than third of demand 17 March, TES

Scottish private schools apologise to former pupils abused in their care 16 March, BBC News

Report boys to the police for sexual abuse, top schools told 14 March, The Times

‘A community of equals’: the private school with no fees, set up by a south London teacher 13 March, Guardian

We should be grateful to Chinese investors bringing new life to our schools 10 March, School Management Plus

Paper reveals independent school leaders’ pay 8 March, School Management Plus

England’s school catch-up scheme ‘chaotic and confusing’, say headteachers 7 March, Guardian

Private School Pay List: rise in £100,000 salaries sparks fears of brain drain 7 March, The Times

Readers’ poll: should private schools lose their charitable status? 7 March, The Times

A Bullingdon in reverse: how working-class student club is taking on elitism 6 March, Guardian

Bristol Uni students REJECT private school admissions cap 5 March, The Tab

‘Get ahead of the argument’: independent schools and their public contribution 4 March, IE Today

Fees: under the microscope 4 March, IE Today

A-levels: Poorer students ‘three grades behind’ 1 March, BBC News

Longer ‘catch-up’ school days risk widening socio-economic divides 1 March, The Times

RBKC put ‘narrow commercial goals’ before community in pre-Grenfell property deals, leader says 1 March, Inside Housing

February 2021

Private pupils shunned by Oxbridge are being ‘driven overseas’ 28 February, The Times

Grade inflation could be here to stay unless entire exam system is overhauled, Ofqual advisor warns 26 February, Telegraph

Grade inflation could be here to stay unless entire exam system is overhauled, Ofqual advisor warns 25 February, Mail Online

School catch-up package ‘nowhere near big enough’ 24 February, TES

Students to vote on a motion to cap private school admissions at SU AMM meeting 23 February, Epigram

Poorer primary pupils in England up to seven months behind due to Covid 23 February, Guardian

Meet the 93% Club 23 February, Palatinate

‘We need 10,000 more laptops for children’ Tower Hamlets schools plead 22 February, East London Advertiser

The British schools selling out to Beijing: Not only are private institutions being bought by Chinese firms but some are giving communist-approved lessons that are a threat to free speech 21 February, Mail on Sunday

How to prepare for Oxbridge like a private school 19 February, TES

Private school admissions rise for third year in a row 18 February, Palatinate

Charity Commission looks into proposals for historic independent schools merger in Coventry 16 February, Coventry Observer

Watchdog to accuse UK ministers of institutional bias against children 16 February, Guardian

By accepting fewer independent school students, is Oxbridge punishing middle-class parents? 15 February, Telegraph

David Beckham backs campaign to help children get laptops during lockdown 15 February, Independent

Head issues plea to save Ampleforth College 13 February, The Times

‘One coach said he was impressed by how hard I worked – since my dad was a billionaire!’: Leeds striker Patrick Bamford, whose father is actually an architect from Newark, on fighting prejudice that he’s too posh to be a proper footballer 13 February, Mail on Sunday

Eton sees Oxbridge offers halve in recent years amid diversity drive 12 February, Telegraph

Revealed: The unis who let in the fewest state school students 12 February, The Tab

Two in five top universities see drop in students from state schools 11 February, Independent

Daneshill School failed various standards during inspection 10 February, Basingstoke Gazette

Don’t let girls’ schools vanish in the rush to co‑ed 10 February, The Times

Covid hits exam-taking and poorer pupils worst, study finds 8 February, Guardian

Unions push back at plan to extend school summer term by TWO WEEKS as Boris Johnson vows to go ‘flat out’ to help children catch up after Covid 8 February, Mail Online

Planning your finances to meet the costs of education 8 February,

Private schools planning a longer summer term  – 7 February, Telegraph

Eton teacher who was sacked over lecture attacking ‘radical feminist orthodoxy’ says ‘controversy is essential’ in education and reveals Tory ministers have contacted him to offer their support 7 February, Mail Online

Exclusive: Winchester College row as parents revolt over sex education lessons 4 February, Telegraph

IGCSE and IAlevels 2021: Pearson scraps exams in U-turn 3 February, TES

Not all exams are cancelled: IGCSEs are going ahead, but is that fair? 2 February, Telegraph

January 2021

Private school bursaries ‘still too scarce’ to tackle inequality 31 January, Guardian

Union snubs jabs for teachers: Hardline bosses accused of waging class war as they pour cold water on top schools’ drive to vaccinate 1million staff in half-term break 30 January, Mail Online

School closures: Pupils will fall a year behind but the mental harm may last longer 28 January, The Times

Portugal blocks remote lessons at private schools to help state pupils 27 January, The Times

Surge in British private schools opening in China 26 January, TES

THE SUN SAYS Prospect of schools staying shut until Easter is a nightmare for our kids’ education… Williamson must provide clarity 24 January, The Sun

Winchester, one of the last boys’ boarding schools, may admit girls 24 January, The Times

Oxbridge set to make fewer offers this year in bid to avoid ‘chaos’ of 2020 23 January, Telegraph

Two-thirds of leaders ‘sourcing IT equipment’ for poorest pupils themselves, study finds 21 January, Schools Week

Should we stay or should we go? Boarding school parents like me are feeling conflicted 20 January, Telegraph

Revealed: How teaching became the hardest profession 20 January, TES

‘Digital poverty’ could lead to lost generation of university students, vice-chancellors say 18 January, Telegraph

Private school parents told they will not be issued refunds for closures due to charity law 16 January, Telegraph

The gap between independent and state schools has never looked wider or more shameful 14 January, Telegraph

Riz Ahmed: Classism prepared me for acting 14 January, Female First

Free school meals firm offers very different serving at private schools 12 January, Metro

‘Zoom classes invade our privacy’: The astonishing reason teachers are being excused from giving live online lessons as survey reveals divide between state and private schools 10 January, Mail Online

Coronavirus: New school rules could undermine lockdown and put poorest families at greatest risk, experts warn 9 January, Independent

Private school furlough claim not ‘in spirit of scheme’ 9 January, Schools Week

IGCSE exams taken in private schools still going ahead 8 January, BBC News

Poorer Pupils Are Still Without Laptops And Internet Needed For Home Learning, Warn Campaigners 7 January, HuffPost

GCSEs 2021: Private heads ‘fuming’ after ‘buck passed’ 7 January, TES

GCSEs 2021: Gove points towards teacher assessment 5 January, TES

Private school pupils twice as likely to get on to civil service fast track 3 January, The Times

Northern pupils ‘missing out’ on Oxbridge as thousands of southern students given places 2 January, The Sun

December 2020

Throughout history Britain’s ruling class has created crisis after crisis – just like now 27 December, The Guardian

I am the parent of a Black child at a private school – the sector is shockingly behind on matters of diversity and inclusion 22 December, The Independent

Old Etonians threaten to withhold millions in row over sacked teacher Will Knowland 21 December, The Times

An all-fees scholarship to Eton? This coach can help 21 December, The Times

State pupils given Cambridge place without interview 19 December, The Times

Sutton High School first to sign black hairstyles pledge 18 December, The Times

London couple ‘used illicit funds from Azerbaijan to send models to Ibiza by private jet and pay school fees’ 17 December, Evening Standard

Pupils’ historical abuse at London schools claims total £1m 17 December, BBC News

Child sexual abuse in schools often an open secret, says inquiry 17 December, The Guardian

‘Game changer’ Covid tests for secondary schools in January 15 December, BBC News

Pause teacher pay so private sector keeps up, says DfE 15 December, TES

Learning a musical instrument linked to higher results in other GCSEs, study finds 13 December, iNews

Elite girls’ boarding school Roedean ‘decolonises’ its history syllabus to challenge ‘white western narrative’ 12 December, Mail Online

Home learning frustrations drive parents to private schools 11 December, The Times

No tablet? Use your phone and a couple of cans for interview, says Cambridge uni 11 December, Schools Week

Civilians may be called up to court martial of Major General Nick Welch 10 December, The Times

Our education system is failing when it comes to science 10 December, The Spectator

East End school hires etiquette coach to teach students how to sit like Kate Middleton 8 December, Evening Standard

Make all schools coeducational by law, including Eton 7 December, The Times

Teacher’s dismissal exposes fissures over Eton college modernisation 4 December, The Guardian

Why a good personal statement is key to getting a place at a top university – and how to get it right 3 December, The Telegraph

Fettes teacher facing abuse claims will not be prosecuted 3 December, BBC News

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson calls for Eton College to admit girls 3 December, Daily Mirror

The knives come out for Ampleforth and its monks 1 December, The Critic


November 2020

‘Aggressively woke’ Eton faces huge staff backlash as free speech row loses control 30 November, Express

New pupils barred from top UK Catholic school after abuse scandal 28 November, The Guardian

I’ve changed my mind: grammar schools are unhealthy and must go 28 November, The Guardian

The modern day must-haves: Today’s status symbols needed to keep ahead of the neighbours include a walk-in wardrobe, a Smeg fridge and having a cleaner, study says 27 November, Mail Online

Clifton College’s ‘wall of silence’ over teacher’s abuse 27 November, BBC News

Private schools record biggest rise in top A-level grades in England 26 October, The Guardian

Meet Izzy Gardiner: Hockey’s voice for more state school inclusion 23 November, The Hockey Paper

Teachers warn of digital divide making it impossible to teach most deprived kids 23 November, The Mirror

Pupils who miss lessons due to Covid are set to receive ‘easier’ entry to universities under plan to make lower A-level offers to students hardest hit by pandemic 22 November, Mail Online

Laptop allocation cuts are betraying a generation of disadvantaged students  – 21 November, The Boar

Private schools are losing their stranglehold on Who’s Who, report finds 18 November, The Telegraph

The private school power league: The schools producing the most ‘influential’ toffs 18 November, The Tab

Britain’s private school elite: One in seven of those who hold the most powerful positions in society went to top ten independent schools – with Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Emily Maitlis and Susanna Reid’s alma maters leading the way 18 November, Mail Online

We cannot allow the pandemic to reverse a generation of progress in education 15 November, The Telegraph

Overhaul university admissions so students get offers once they have their A-levels, vice-chancellors say 13 November, iNews

Independent school launches free arts event for all UK schoolchildren 12 November, IE Today

Private schools can exclude new teachers from pensions 11 November, TES

Elite private school faces racism claims as ex-pupils allege annual ‘slave auction’ took place 10 November, The Telegraph

Heads back university admissions shake-up as UCAS sets out ‘radical options’ 9 November, Schools Week

Pupils could apply to university after A-level results day 9 November, The Times

Outcry as private school children carry on playing sport while council pitches lie empty 7 November, The Telegraph

The best value places to move to for good schools 6 November, The Times

How can independent schools support SEND pupils without external support during Covid-19? 5 November, IE Today

Private school funds ‘shot to pieces’, mergers expected 4 November, TES


October 2020

Scotland ‘more left-wing’ than England over attitudes to tax and private schools 29 October, Daily Record

King’s College Online — the private school that costs £6,000 a year 28 October, The Times

Private school pupils were TWICE as likely to receive full days of online lessons during lockdown than those at state schools 26 October, Mail Online

‘Generation Covid’ hit hard by the pandemic, research reveals 26 October, BBC News

Those who can’t afford it can’t teach 24 October, Schools Week

UK’s top universities urged to act on classism and accent prejudice 24 October, The Guardian

Students from northern England facing ‘toxic attitude’ at Durham University 19 October, The Guardian

GCSEs and A-levels: Grade boundaries for 2020 autumn exams to be lowered compared to past years 16 October, iNews

Chess’s cheating crisis: ‘paranoia has become the culture’ 16 October, The Guardian

Private schools group branded ‘insensitive’ over partnership with debt collection agency 16 October, Schools Week

Six legal ways to cut your tax bill while saving money for private school 13 October, The Telegraph

How much to save to send a child to private school – whether it’s 10 years away or one 12 October, The Telegraph

Britain’s best universities are dominated by private schools. Could I help level the playing field? 10 October, The Guardian

Exams crisis led to nearly a quarter of parents considering private schooling, Courier poll finds 9 October, The Courier

State school pupils less likely to have access to counselling support on site 9 October, The Telegraph

BBC to launch diversity drive as figures show fifth of news staff went to private school  – 8 October, The Telegraph

See all the winners of the Tatler Schools Awards now 7 October, Tatler

The education sector is in a rut. Independent schools can help to break the cycle 6 October, The Telegraph

Private schools treated like ‘society’s villains’ because of ‘stereotyping and prejudice’, says top headteacher 5 October, iNews

“We did everything we could” says private school who told parents to pay up over Covid fees row 5 October, Coventry Live

For the chancellor, charity begins at boarding school 4 October, Yorkshire Bylines

Coronavirus in the UK: A poor schools’ pandemic 2 October, World Socialist Web Site

Holbeach and Donington schools join initiative to inspire pupils 1 October, Spalding Today

September 2020

Half of City partners attended private schools 28 September, The Law Society Gazette

University entrance: The ‘taboo’ about who doesn’t go 27 September, BBC News

Inside the private schools bypassing the NHS and building their own elite Covid systems 27 September, The Telegraph

Leading state and private schools including Eton launch joint fight to scrap ‘unfair and unreliable’ GCSE exams 27 September, Mail Online

‘Scrap GCSEs to protect pupils’ mental health’ 26 September, The Times

GCSE and A-level content may need to be halved to make 2021 exams viable, private schools warn 24 September, iNews

Starmer demands taskforce to close attainment gap 22 September, Schools Week

Independent schools can play a part in tackling regional inequality in education 22 September, Politics Home

Private and state schools bid to kill off GCSEs 20 September, The Guardian

GCSE disadvantage gap shrank in 2020 18 September, TES

A-level and GCSEs could be held in public buildings next year, education secretary says 16 September, The Telegraph

England’s state schools suffering biggest fall in funding since 1980s, says IFS 18 September, The Guardian

‘Drill and kill’ for England’s state schools while private sector goes progressive 18 September, The Guardian

Coronavirus: Kings Monkton head speaks out over face masks 18 September, BBC News

Testing fiasco hits ‘nearly every school in England’ with up to 25,000 teachers and thousands of pupils forced to self-isolate at home two weeks in new term 17 September, Mail Online

Number of independent schools withdrawing from TPS doubles following contribution increases 16 September, Pensions Age

Top private boarding school Bedales gives pupils extra hour in bed to improve teens’ academic work and mental health 15 September, iNews

England’s exam system is broken – let’s never put it together again 15 September, The Guardian

Coronavirus: The story of the big U-turn of the summer 13 September, BBC News

Five years of University admissions statistics reveals the disadvantages faced by state-educated students 12 September, Varsity

Lack of teacher edtech skills a challenge during Covid 9 September, TES

Private school teacher training ‘boosts state sector’ 9 September, TES

Agenda: It is time for the Highers exam system to go 7 September, The Herald

Schools asking children to wear face masks even when there is no local lockdown 3 September, The Telegraph

Schools should reinstate PE lessons, Ofsted chief says 3 September, The Telegraph

August 2020

‘Empathy and collaboration will ensure stability for private schools’ 21 August, IE Education Today

Max Hastings: The private schools racket is falling apart – 21 August, The Times

Kevin McKenna: Private schools sum up all that is wrong with our society – 19 August, The National

‘Drill and kill’ for England’s state schools while private sector goes progressive – 18 August, The Guardian

The real problem is that England’s education system rewards the rich – 18 August, The Guardian

A-level results: ‘Rampant’ grade inflation in Latin and classics, while state schools unfairly hit by lowered marks, charity says – 17 August, The Independent

‘Great relief’ from school chiefs over government A-level grade u-turn after ministers heeded calls from Eton College headmaster to dump the ‘unfair’ algorithm – 17 August, Daily Mail

A-level results chaos to end in court battle – 16 August, The Sunday Times

England’s cricket stars are now nearly all privately educated – 16 August, The Sunday Times

A Level crisis: they couldn’t have handled it worse if they’d tried – 15 August, The Article

Did England exam system favour private schools? – 14 August, Channel 4

Worcester College at Oxford accepts all students with offers amid A-level chaos – 14 August, LBC

England A-level downgrades hit pupils from disadvantaged areas hardest – 13 August, The Guardian

A Level grading ‘equality impacts’ must be considered by Ofqual, EHRC says – 13 August, Evening Standard

A-level results: Mixed emotions at independent schools – 13 August, Independent Education Today

First-generation university students more likely to drop out, research finds – 12 August, the i

Is this new online-only private school the future of education? – 10 August, Daily Telegraph

State pupil boom in private schools – 9 August, The Times

Private schools bring in the lawyers to prepare for A-level appeals – 8 August, The Times

School funding plan ‘benefits wealthier pupils most’ – 7 August, BBC

The pandemic puts a strain on elite private schools – 2 August, The Economist

July 2020

The coronavirus has left the education sector in disarray: What can private schools do to boost their chances of survival? 31 July, London Loves Business

Lockdown has dealt a blow to state education 30 July, Spiked

Coronavirus latest: British boarding schools chartering flights to make sure Chinese pupils arrive next term 30 July, iNews

Soon there’ll be no reason for any parent to send their children to private school 27 July, The Guardian

Boarding schools back in style as parents worry about a Covid-19 second wave 27 July, The Telegraph

Anxious middle-classes look to private schools after coronavirus disruption 26 July, The Guardian

Oxford to accept ‘star’ pupils from poor schools 26 July, The Times

School’s out for the summer – but not for the children of Britain’s elite 25 July, The Telegraph

Top private school had ‘culture of inflating predicted grades’ 24 July, The Telegraph

Why I want to stop hockey being just a ‘white, private school sport’, says GB’s Emily Defroand on her mission for diversity 21 July, Newschain

Cuts to university targets in England are insulting to working-class people like me 21 July, The Guardian

Meet the parents who are bypassing teaching unions by building their own summer schools 19 July, The Telegraph

‘Only a zealot would oppose’: should the UK nationalise struggling private schools? 18 July, The Guardian

Online lessons create classes of ‘zoombies’ 14 July, The Times

Top UK law schools require higher A-Level grades from poorer students, research finds 13 July, Legal Cheek

Half of exam-year UK pupils given no school work since March, finds study 14 July, The Guardian

MONEY FEARS Top Scots private school sparks fury from parents over new uniform cost 12 July, The Scottish Sun

Private schools see a surge of interest as parents look for more structured learning 12 July, The Telegraph

Does the curriculum really need ‘decolonising’?11 July, Spiked

Dame Christine Ryan appointed chair of Ofsted10 July, Schools Week

Private schools had an opportunity to help less fortunate kids this year, but they’ve so far failed 9 July, The Telegraph

Predicted grades awarded this summer will be ‘dodgy’, private school chief warns 9 July, The Telegraph

Winterbourne independent school to close with loss of 55 jobs 8 July, Frome Valley Voice

The growing educational apartheid 6 July, The Spectator

IB results day 2020: Average score up to four-year high 6 July, TES

Some state school pupils will study just five or six GCSEs as teachers cram to make up for lost learning – while those in private sector will do nine or 10 5 July, Mail Online

Private schools could be shut over racism 5 July, The Telegraph

Ex-private school inspection chief to be Ofsted chair 5 July, TES

Push for selective sixth forms to improve education in north 4 July, The Times

Universities banned from making ‘strings attached’ unconditional offers until September 2021 3 July, iNews

Hundreds of gangsters arrested as police crack criminals’ private messaging network 2 July, The Telegraph

My son may only be two, but the race is on to plan his route to public school 1 July, The Telegraph

Are private schools serious about tackling racism? I give them a D- 1 July, The Guardian

June 2020

Even the oldest schools must keep pace with modern thinking – that means making our curriculum more diverse 29 June, The Telegraph

Private schools accuse ministers of ‘ignoring’ their offers to provide summer catch-up courses for local children in letter to Education Secretary Gavin Willia 28 June, Mail Online

Who is Kate Green? 8 facts about the shadow education secretary 28 June, Schools Week

Private schools offer state pupils summer catch-up sessions 27 June, The Telegraph

Is going private the only way to get my daughter back to school? 27 June, The Spectator

Pandemic promises to be unlikely saviour of ailing private schools 26 June, The Times

Ministers may move university applications to after A-level results – 26 June, The Guardian

Decolonising the curriculum – 25 June, The Critic

How Lodge Park in Corby has taken the private school approach to lockdown learning 26 June, Northamptonshire Telegraph

‘Schools can learn from each other to keep staff happy’ 23 June, BBC News

Black students and alumni from elite US private schools – including Exeter, Andover, Chapin, and Greenwich Academy – detail the horrific racism they faced during their years there – 23 June, Mail Online

Eton apologises to Nigerian ex-student Onyeama for racism 23 June, Mail Online

BAME students make up one-fifth of new Oxford undergraduates – 23 June, Guardian

Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s children attend school with this sweet Royal Family link 22 June, Express

Private schools hire marquees to allow pupils to return – 22 June, TES

School’s out: the true cost of classroom closures 20 June, The Spectator

Exclusive: Private school unveils its own track and trace system – 19 June, Telegraph

More than 200 pupils highlight racism issues at top private school – 18 June, Eastern Daily Press

Private schools are offering their buildings and grounds for summer catch-up lessons for ‘disadvantaged’ state pupils left behind by lockdown – 17 June, Mail Online

Exclusive: Private schools set to ignore Government and open in September ‘come what may’ – 16 June, Telegraph

Boarding schools are still thriving under coronavirus, Rugby insists – 16 June, The Times

The eight charts that explain the University’s 2019-2020 undergraduate admissions data – 16 June, Varsity

Coronavirus in Scotland: parents rush to private schools – 16 June, The Times

ABUSE PROBE Cops launch historic abuse probe into Hollywood star Ewan McGregor’s old school Morrison’s Academy in Perthshire 15 June, Scottish Sun

Why I wrote an open letter to my old private school asking them to decolonise their curriculum – and why all private schools should follow – 15 June, Telegraph

Top public school accused of ‘toxic culture of racism’ among pupils – 14 June, Observer

Private schools with spacious sites urged to share space with cramped state schools – 12 June, The i

Ofsted: Private school fined thousands for breaking new pupil ban – 12 June, Schools Week

Alumni of top London private schools call on bosses to ‘teach about white privilege’ and ‘decolonise the canon’ – 11 June, Evening Standard

Inside the army of private tutors keeping wealthy kids’ education on track this summer – 11 June, Telegraph

For the first time, I am thinking about sending my daughter to private school. Here’s why – 11 June, Telegraph

State and private schools must cooperate to rescue the education of the Covid generation – 10 June, Telegraph

Coronavirus: 700,000 children ‘doing no school work’ – 10 June, The Times

Grammar schools admit fewer children from poorer families despite Government push to widen intakes – 9 June, The i

It’s still rich v poor in English schools – exactly as Boris Johnson likes it – 9 June, The Guardian

The private schools getting top marks in lockdown – 9 June, Telegraph

A school system that drives social justice: Resources & funding – 8 June, SecEd

Bristol school removes its statue of Edward Colston from display ‘immediately’ – 8 June, Bristol Post

Black Lives Matter: Top private schools urged to ‘decolonise’ their curriculums – 8 June, The i

Private schools are on the brink of collapse. Thank you, coronavirus. – 7 June, The Canary

Last remaining girls’ boarding school to introduce day pupils as they acknowledge ‘family life has evolved’ – 6 June, Telegraph

Ex-private school director ‘unable’ to repay £150k loan – 5 June, Schools Week

Coronavirus: Private school closures will put pressure on state – 5 June, Schools Week

Tim Davie’s hellish new job as BBC director general – 5 June, BBC News

1 in 10 private schools leaves Teachers’ Pension Scheme 4 June, TES

York’s Minster School becomes latest casualty among independent schools shuttered for good by coronavirus – 4 June, The Yorkshire Post

Independent schools, please stand up for your black students, listen to them and respect them – 1 June, Independent

‘Eton is closed – why aren’t we?’ Haringey parents protest schools return and say coronavirus risk is ‘too high’ – 1 June, Ham & High

Boris Johnson’s former prep school to close over ‘coronavirus impact’ – 1 June, Schools Week

Pupils need schooling this summer to help them make up lost ground – 1 June, Telegraph

A week at Eton (virtually): taking classes at the school’s online portal 1 June, The Times

May 2020

Revealed: Only a fifth of state-school pupils work for 20 hours a week during lockdown lessons – in a stark contrast to 63 per cent of privately educated pupils 31 May, Mail Online

Calderdale private school defies Government pressure to reopen on Monday 29 May, Halifax Courier

Call for ‘rapid expansion’ of free laptops scheme 27 May, TES

School ‘alarm bells’ as elite unis ask for student data 27 May, TES

Top universities say they would have to admit large numbers of students with low or no grades to hit access targets 27 May, iNews

A school system that drives social justice: Collaboration vs competition 25 May, SecEd

How state and private school comparisons mislead and do North no favours 22 May, Yorkshire Post

Prep school to close for good after coronavirus ‘unravels plans for growth’ 25 May, East Anglian Daily Times

Independent schools may consider ‘keeping Year 6 pupils at home’ amid reopening 21 May, Newschain

Private schools could keep Year 6 pupils at home 21 May, TES

Councils could block up to 250,000 pupils returning to school on June 1, 20 May, Telegraph

Tony Blair BACKS Boris Johnson’s plans to reopen schools – as teaching unions and the government continue to clash over June 1 target 19 May, Mail Online

Coronavirus: Attainment gap could widen by 75%, DfE official warns 16 May, Schools Week

Why we need a national tutoring service 15 May, TES

‘The pandemic has magnified inequalities tenfold’: How are British teachers coping in lockdown? 15 May, Telegraph

Universities must not forget about BAME students during this crisis 14 May, Wonkhe

Coronavirus crisis pushes private school to open up to ‘wider catchment group’ 14 May, East Anglian Daily Times

Revealed: Guidance on reopening colleges safely 14 May, TES

‘We must build a better, fairer assessment system’ 13 May, TES

Lockdown is making the gap between rich and poor kids even worse 13 May, Telegraph

Could maximum class sizes of 15 pupils significantly improve our children’s school life? 12 May, Telegraph

Coronavirus latest: Warning that social distancing in schools could be ‘impossible’, as teachers question logic in bringing back youngest pupils first 12 May, iNews

Exclusive: Fears 30% of private schools will go bust 8 May, TES

Coronavirus: Head teachers fear ‘ghost schools’ as parents keep children at home 8 May, The Times

Sutton Trust study highlights digital divide 8 May, IE Today

Independent schools ‘accelerating’ TPS exit talks 6 May, IE Today

Caroline Lucas and Lloyd Russell-Moyle: schools must stay shut 6 May, The Argus

Collapsed private school attended by Sarah Ferguson and Juliet Stevenson ‘holds parents to ransom by demanding they pay £3,900 summer term fees to secure children’s GCSE results’ 6 May, Mail Online

Private schools reopen: Will private schools reopen before state schools? 6 May, Express

Private school business rate changes to be delayed a year 4 May, BBC Scotland

Pressure mounting on Jersey’s government to assist fee-paying schools 4 May, ITV News

Scottish private schools ‘saved’ as charitable relief extended due to pandemic 3 May, The Herald

COVID-19 shines a light on inequality, Britain’s elite Eton College says 2 May, Reuters

Private schools with significant endowments should return PPP loans: Mnuchin 1 May, Reuters

April 2020

Times letters: Cutting school summer holiday to four weeks 30 April, The Times

The brave new world of home learning is leaving the poorest kids behind. But it needn’t be like this 30 April, The Telegraph

Private schools warned over colluding to fix fees during coronavirus pandemic  – 29 April, The Telegraph

Coronavirus crisis no excuse for price-fixing, private schools warned 29 April, The Guardian

Private schools warned over ‘collusion to fix fees’ by watchdog 29 April, The Times

Coronavirus in the UK: Private schools warned against colluding over fee cuts in wake of Covid-19 school closures 29 April, iNews

Competition watchdog warns private schools over fee-fixing collusion during coronavirus outbreak 29 April, Schools Week

Private schools warned over fees ‘collusion’ 29 April, TES

Why private schools could reopen sooner than state-funded schools 29 April, Daily Express

Tonbridge pupils get creative with ‘sleepout’ for homeless charity 28 April, Times Local News

Chinese investors pull another private school back from brink 28 April, The Times

GCSEs: DfE and Ofqual accused of not addressing bias 27 April, TES

How is home-schooling widening the class divide? 27 April, The Voice

Long-Bailey: Lack of ‘overarching message’ on education contributed to Labour’s defeat 24 April, Schools Week

‘We all have busy work lives but everyone can spare an hour’: Former state-school pupils are inspiring younger generations in their careers 24 April, iNews

The attainment gap was yawning long before Covid-19 23 April, TES

Private schools seek taxpayer bailout to stave off job cuts 22 April, The Age

Private school pupils twice as likely to receive online lessons than those at state schools 20 April, iNews

UK schools must assure int’l parents 20 April, The Pie

School’s IN for the summer! £29,000-a-year private school will run its lost coronavirus term in July when pupils are usually on holiday 20 April, Mail Online

Caterer provides more than 2,000 meals to vulnerable children in London during coronavirus crisis 20 April, London News Online

Schools pushing students to attend exams against official advice 17 April, The Times

Coronavirus: MPs to examine impact on poor white pupils 17 April, TES

Schools must start thinking about how to reopen 17 April, TES

A level grades could prejudice university admissions 14 April, Schools Week

The private schools working to narrow the underprivileged attainment gap this spring 14 April, The Telegraph

Coronavirus: ‘Help poor pupils with a catch-up premium’ 14 April, TES

Predicted grades appeal system is not fair, ex-Ucas chief says as she warns it favours middle class students 14 April, The Telegraph

Coronavirus: Schools can expect rise in students redoing year# 14 April, The Times

Crisis offers chance to rethink the role of public schools 13 April, The Times

Private schools’ land targeted for families without gardens 12 April, The Guardian

Pupils held to ‘ransom’ by private school’s demand of fees for grades  – 12 April, The Telegraph

Head warns of private school closures 10 April, The Times

Margaret Greenwood appointed shadow schools minister 9 April, Schools Week

‘Integrate virus-hit private schools into state system’ 9 April, TES

Private schools furlough staff at taxpayer’s expense on government covid scheme 9 April, Evening Standard

Coronavirus: Chinese private school ‘feeding frenzy’ 9 April, TES

Coronavirus: Schools face ‘dry kitty’ in lockdown 8 April, TES

UK private schools feel pandemic squeeze 7 April, FT

Calls for private lands to be opened up across Southwark to relieve pressure on parks 6 April, Southwark News

Coronavirus: GCSE grading plan ‘unfair’, say pupils 6 April, TES

‘Lots of parents are unhappy’: Anger over schools ‘continuing to charge full fees’ 6 April, Bristol Post

We need  to up our game on social mobility 4 April, The Telegraph

Remote learning – a brave new world? 3 April, IE Today

Coronavirus: Schools will rank GCSE and A-level pupils within grades 3 April, Schools Week

Exclusive: Hundreds private schools ‘bust by Christmas’ 3 April, TES

Elite private school group HMC takes on new chair 1 April, TES

Private schools in UK struggling as coronavirus costs bite 1 April, The Guardian

March 2020

Coronavirus: Pupils won’t get free school meal vouchers during Easter holidays 31 March, Schools Week

Private school kids continue to dominate corporate law 31 March, Legal Cheek

Can I get a refund on private school fees during coronavirus? Who qualifies and how do you apply? 31 March, The Telegraph

Councillor’s ‘oven-ready’ scheme to force private schools to pay their bit 31 March, The Guardian

Coronavirus in Scotland: Top Edinburgh school offers free parking for NHS staff 30 March, The Herald

Coronavirus GCSEs: Don’t inflate grades, teachers told 30 March, TES

Coronavirus: Prep schools expected to cut fees 30 March, TES

Private school parents demand fee refunds over fears institutions could go bankrupt 28 March, The Telegraph

Give poor families free tablets and laptops and unlimited data to boost home learning, say Teach First 27 March, iNews

KGS fee freeze, support for key workers & daily messages to students from the Head Master 25 March, Kingston Grammar School

Committee of MPs to probe DfE’s response to coronavirus 25 March, FE Week

Coronavirus: ‘Use national test to check GCSE grades’ 25 March, TES

Coronavirus in the UK: Private schools likely to fold as result of the Covid-19 crisis, independent schools boss warns 24 March, iNews

Fear that fees will dry up grips private schools 24 March, The Times

Coronavirus: IGCSEs cancelled worldwide 24 March, TES

Coronavirus in the UK: Private schools likely to fold as result of the Covid-19 crisis, independent schools boss warns 24 March, iNews

Why am I still paying full whack for my children’s private school when it’s now shut? 24 March, The Telegraph

Last year one Oxford college admitted 96% of its students from state schools. How did they do it? 24 March, The Guardian

Black students will suffer most from A-level cancellations – they routinely outperform their predicted grades 23 March, Independent

Coronavirus update: Eton College to take key workers’ children 21 March, The Times

DfE reveals how it will provide grades for pupils this summer 20 March, Schools Week

Coronavirus: How schools are stepping up to keep disadvantaged pupils fed 20 March, Schools Week

Predicted A-level grades are wrong four times out of five, universities warn 19 March, The Telegraph

Fears that cancelling exams will hit BAME and poor pupils worst 19 March, The Guardian

Coronavirus: ‘Teachers have been heroes and will adapt’ 19 March, TES

Coronavirus: Teacher assessment likely to replace exams 19 March, TES

Exams have been cancelled – so what happens now? 18 March, Schools Week

The expert in social mobility who says education cannot make it happen 17 March, The Guardian

The IGCSE isn’t available in state schools, and many believe it benefits private-school pupils 15 March, iNews

Private schools’ £100m rates relief at risk 14 March, The Times

Help us nationalise more private schools, head tells DfE 11 March, Schools Week

Private schools campaign to scrap GCSEs 11 March, TES

Is the day of the private school over? 11 March, Evening Standard (ES Magazine)

Teacher from Leeds secretly filmed young boys in showers at private schools 11 March, Leeds Live

GCSEs blight pupils’ lives so let’s be brave and abandon them, head says 11 March, The Times

Before society can ‘level up’, the ruling Eton-Winchester clique needs levelling down 10 March, The Guardian

“Why do we want the state involved in education?” 9 March, Schools Week

Bad local transport linked to failing schools 4 March, BBC News

Collins says she’s been ‘vilified and bullied’ after revealing her daughter went to private school 3 March, Mail Online

Disadvantaged pupils offered Birmingham grammar school places 2 March, BBC News

Instead of rote learning useless facts, children should be taught wellbeing 2 March, The Guardian

Taunton councillor branded a ‘Marxist’ over independent school donation plans 2 March, Somerset County Gazette

Three brothers on bursaries ‘discarded’ by prestigious cathedral choir school 1 March, The Telegraph

Strikes hit private schools as teachers down chalks over threat to pensions 1 March, The Times

February 2020

Revealed: Private schools with the highest surpluses – 28 February, TES

Investigation: Independent schools hoarding millions – 28 February, TES

Most secondary heads open to making admissions fairer – 27 February, TES

Most parents value pupil wellbeing above exam results – 27 February, TES

Teachers’ Pension Scheme: should I stay or should I go? – 25 February, IE Today

Pensions: why private school staff are right to strike – 25 February, TES

Independent schools must be crucibles of innovation – 24 February, TES

Third in Edinburgh think social class was a factor in school – 24 February, The Times

‘Myopic politicians are risking our musical future’ – 23 February, TES

What kind of school is best? By Beth Cameron, Newstead Wood School – 22 February, This is Local London

DfE: Ofsted school funding report is ‘unrepresentative’ – 21 February, TES

State and private schools must work together for our children’s sake – 20 February, The Times

Private schools launch high street ‘benefits card’ to subsidise bursaries for pupils from poorer backgrounds – 20 February, iNews

Call to scrap ‘elitist’ Oxford application fee – 19 February, BBC News

Schools ‘reducing curriculum breadth’ because of funding pressures, says Amanda Spielman – 19 February, Schools Week

Bolton state school and private sector working recognised at Celebrating Partnerships – 18 February, Bolton News

Teachers asked to sacrifice pay to save their pensions – 18 February, TES

Outreach Update – 17 February, Forest News

UK universities face pressure to reform admissions process – 17 February, The Guardian

Pay plans will ‘shortchange’ most teachers, say unions – 17 February, TES

State pupils flock to Oxford college — and degree results soar – 16 February, The Times

DfE proposes legal definition of ‘full-time’ education – 14 February, Schools Week

Private schools students have increased every year at two Russell Group universities – 13 February

Exclusive: Lord Agnew ‘to leave’ the DfE 13 February, Schools Week

4 myths about opening franchise schools overseas – 13 February, TES

Schools minister Nick Gibb survives another reshuffle – 13 February, TES

Plaistow teacher launches Gofundme scholarship bid to send pupil to top independent school – 12 February, Newham Recorder

Want to survive, private schools? Then improve society – 11 February, TES

Alarm at Ofsted-style plan to rank universities by graduate earnings – 11 February, The Guardian

The Guardian view on new GCSEs: bad news for disadvantaged pupils – 11 February, The Guardian

Exclusive: More private school teacher pensions strikes – 11 February, TES

Teachers of private Hartford school which costs £9.6K a year set to strike for six days – 10 February, Cheshire Live

Oxbridge, look at pupils’ backgrounds – not school – 9 February, TES

Five east London students from one of the country’s most deprived areas win scholarships to top private schools including Eton – 7 February, Mail Online

Blind application processes, not positive discrimination, would level the playing field – 7 February, iNews

Sixth former secures partnership with Eton College – 4 February, IE Today

Why did business rates become a battleground? – 4 February, BBC News

Rayner: ‘Tories must address damage done by cuts’ – 4 February, TES

Two Chinese schoolchildren ‘unfairly’ excluded from Milton Keynes schools over Coronavirus fears, claims dad – 3 February, MK Citizen

Eton to Oxbridge? If it’s tougher, that’s fair – 3 February, The Times

Will the Tories turn on ‘elitist’ independent schools? – 2 February, TES

January 2020

Ofsted’s illegal schools taskforce to trial body cameras for inspectors – 31 January, Schools Week

Education: More schools ‘green’ in Wales performance ratings – 31 January, BBC News

Was my son rejected by Oxford because he went to a private school? – 30 January, The Telegraph

The gross hypocrisy of private school heads – 30 January, The Guardian

School funding is down since 2010, DfE finally admits – 30 January, TES

Middle-class pupils will be squeezed out of Oxbridge, says Office for Students – 29 January, The Times

Private schools criticise plans to get more poor students into university – 29 January, The Guardian

‘Schools are killing curiosity’: why we need to stop telling children to shut up and learn – 28 January, The Guardian

‘Huge gender gap’ in languages GCSE results – 27 January, TES

Top private schools demand students returning from China get medical certificates – 27 January, 9 News

Private schools moving away from ‘past their sell-by-date’ GCSEs, says head – 26 January, iNews

Top private school developing A-level alternative to teach teenagers to farm, forage and manage land sustainably – 26 January, iNews

Birmingham Islamic school sues Ofsted after being failed for leaflet – 26 January, The Guardian

Parents should let four-year-olds  order for themselves to build confidence, leading head says – 25 January, Telegraph

British private schools are adapting to a changing market in China – 24 January, Quartz

Top private school first to partner with Morocco –23 January, TES

Grammar schools ‘unequivocally damage social mobility’ – 23 January, TES

‘Relaxed discipline’ helps pupils, research finds – 22 January, TES

Sixteen new British independent schools to open in China in 2020 – 22 January, The Pie News

School careers support inadequate, say third of pupils – 22 January, TES

Teenagers aspiring to traditional jobs despite rise of technology over past 20 years, study finds – 22 January, Independent

‘Relaxed discipline’ helps pupils, research finds – 22 January, TES

Learning a musical instrument aids academic success, says Reigate Grammar School – 20 January, IE Today

Why is there high demand for UK satellite schools? – 20 January, TES

Concerns Labour put off ‘baddie’ private school parents – 20 January, TES

Damning report finds ‘serious shortfalls’ at Ruthin boarding school with pupils ‘at risk of harm’ – 20 January, ITV

Williamson to drive reforms ‘further and harder’ – 20 January, TES

Archie’s future: Rubbing shoulders with well-heeled expats at international school rather than Eton? – 19 January, The Telegraph

Life lessons learnt by giving to the community – 19 January, The Times

Pay for private education or buy a property near an ‘outstanding’ state school – which saves you most money? – 16 January, The Telegraph

SATs maladministration cases soar by a third – 16 January, Schools Week

London state school praised by Stormzy secures 51 offers to study at Oxford and Cambridge – 16 January, Independent

Dorset school introduces loyalty card to help local businesses – 16 January, IE Today

4 red flags to check for in an international school – 16 January, TES

Oxford makes ‘record’ number of offers to state pupils – 16 January, TES

John Dancy, classicist and reform-minded headmaster who in 1968 admitted girls to Marlborough – obituary – 16 January, The Telegraph

Ex-Blue Peter star Konnie Huq slams proposal for new prep school on ‘beautiful’ green space – 15 January, Evening Standard

The IGCSE isn’t available in state schools, and many believe it benefits private-school pupils – 15 January, iNews

How we make our state-independent partnership work – 14 January, TES

Schools should brace for five years of upheaval from a triumphant party with Gove at its heart – 14 January, The Guardian

Old boys have investors to call on for life – 13 January, The Times

Poor background a teaching barrier, say 59% of public – 13 January, TES

State v private: a parent’s torment at being priced out of independent school – 12 January, The Times

‘Social mobility only works for a tiny few’: an extract from People Like Us by Hashi Mohamed – 12 January, The Guardian

Should independent school heads ever be on the New Years honours list? – 11 January, Schools Week

How private schools are fighting to solve the pension crisis and save parents from higher fees – 10 January, The Telegraph

Improving access in education – 9 January, IE Today

The best value private schools in the UK – 9 January, The Telegraph

Schools in deprived areas become ‘dumping grounds’ for struggling children, Ofsted report suggests – 8 January, Independent

Private school fees 2020: the cost of sending your child to an independent school in Scotland – 8 January, The Scotsman

Prep school introduces hygge lessons – 7 January, IE Today

Exclusive: Private school teacher pension strike threat – 6 January, TES

Revealed: the schools leaving Teachers’ Pension Scheme – 6 January, TES

Poor white boys are failed by schools once more – 5 January, The Times

Bursaries don’t help when it’s not their colour that thwarts these boys – 5 January, The Guardian

Revealed: the private schools that buy in exam help from government body – 5 January, The Ferret

‘A fresh pair of eyes’: The private schools inspector – 3 January, TES

December 2019

Race row after leading private schools turn down donor’s £1m offer to help poor white boys – 31 December, The Telegraph

Top schools defend rejecting bursary for white boys – 31 December, BBC News

Snubbed donor offers his bursaries for poor white boys to state schools – 30 December, The Times

Are Norfolk’s parents turning their backs on private schools? – 22 December, Eastern Daily Press

So ministers want transformative education policies…? – 19 December, TES

Universities warned over student ‘sales pitches’ – 19 December, BBC News

‘The NEU has become irrelevant to most teachers’ lives’ – 19 December, TES

Exclusive: ‘Invisible’ NEU risks ‘withering on vine’ – 18 December, TES

Why it’s time to abolish GCSEs – 17 December, TES

Poorer London pupils still win race to university17 December, BBC News

‘Many of our children don’t get presents’: schools open over Christmas for families with nothing – 17 December, The Guardian

Boosting access to top universities for poor students must be a priority for PMs plan to ‘level up – 17 December, FE News

No boost to schools in poorer areas from Ofsted changes – 16 December, TES

Working-class MPs make the victory truly comprehensive – 16 December, The Times

Schools with deprived pupils ‘still less likely to be judged good’, admits Ofsted – 16 December, Schools Week

2019 in independent education – 16 December, IE Today

New opener factory from hotbed of rugby talent – 16 December, The Times

Research: Smaller classes don’t equal better results – 16 December, TES

Steep rise in warning notices for private schools – 16 December, Schools Week

Should private schools breathe a sigh of relief? – 13 December, TES

Johnson told to ‘shelve election rhetoric’ and deliver for schools – 13 December, Schools Week

No money. No ideas. A year of pure political purgatory – 13 December, Schools Week

Call for universities to randomly allocate places – 12 December, TES

Elite universities ‘will need 100 years’ to hit OfS access goals – 12 December, THE

Parent school donations ‘exacerbating inequality’ – 11 December, BBC News

Need to know: Scottish private schools and rates relief – 11 December, TES

‘My plan for paying school fees’  – 7 December, The Times

Parents spend £1.7 BILLION a year on home tutors for their children – with some paying up to £200 an hour – 7 December, Mail on Sunday

Think Oxbridge entry is unfair? Let’s talk about rugby 6 December, TES

EPI analysis: How the parties’ education plans could affect pupil attainment – 6 December, Schools Week

Poor students are not going to universities that their grades deserve, study finds – 5 December, Daily Telegraph

Private schools in Scotland to be taxed full business rates next year – 4 December, BBC

Scotland’s private schools to start paying full tax from next year – 4 December, The Scotsman

Exclusive: Pensions hike forces private school mergers – 4 December, TES

Single-sex schools changing admissions to allow transgender pupils to head off legal threats – 3 December, The Independent

Pupils ‘learn better wearing cosy socks and slippers’ – 3 December, TES

Private schools keep grip on high-points college courses – 3 December, The Irish Times

As Scotland closes its last girls’ state school, should we call time on the single-sex school? – 2 December, Daily Telegraph

Working-class actors kept in the wings by Downton Abbey effect, says Rada director Edward Kemp – 1 December, The Sunday Times

November 2019

Almost 200 private schools leaving pension scheme – 29 November, FT Adviser

Failing private school in Exeter is visited for third time this year by Ofsted – 29 November, Devon Live

Where do Eton College, Marlborough College and Gordonstoun rank on the list of top independent schools? – 29 November, Royal Central

The current challenges being faced by independent schools – 29 November, Independent Education Today

We spent a fortune on school fees… and thousands more on tutors: Meet the private school parents who are paying twice over in the new educational arms race – 29 November, Daily Mail

Caught in the class war crossfire – 28 November, The Critic

I send my children to private school and I’m terrified by Corbyn’s manifesto – 28 November, The Independent

University admissions gap between rich and poor students still ‘far too wide’ – 28 November, Schools Week

More small private schools receive top Ofsted grades, but 1 in 10 still ‘inadequate’27 November, Schools Week

‘Private schools are a family – and staff have a voice’ – 26 November, TES

We can argue about private and public schools every election but parents will always want what’s best for their kids – 25 November, The Independent

Bust ‘rich boys in top hats’ myth, private schools told25 November, TES

The Interview: John McDonnell talks Corbyn, private schools and revolution – 24 November, The Sunday Times

How private schools have taken over the AFL – 23 November, The Age

Labour hasn’t thought through its private school policy – 22 November, TES

Exclusive poll: Independent teachers back Labour plans – 21 November, TES

Labour to raise school spending by £10.5bn and give teachers a 5% pay rise – 21 November, Schools Week

The dilemma of a left-leaning private school teacher – 18 November, TES

Our schools are free of narrow EBacc, says private head – 18 November, TES

Revealed: Councils paid £700k to ‘unsafe’ illegal school – 17 November, Schools Week

Parent Power: A good prep school sets your child up for life – 17 November, The Sunday Times

Parent Power: state schools in poor areas beat the private preps – 17 November, The Sunday Times

I would burn in hell before returning’ – why British teachers are fleeing overseas – 13 November, The Guardian

The personal cost of teaching abroad – 12 November, TES

Education is a hot election issue, about to get hotter – 13 November, TES

Student says it’s wrong for Labour to scrap tuition fees, but reveals he was ‘fortunate’ not to pay for private school education – 12 November, indy100

Labour expected to water down radical environmental policy and other key pledges in manifesto – 12 November, Daily Telegraph

Are private-school pupils cleverer? No, just richer – 11 November, TES

Cocaine worth more than £200k found after raid on one of UK’s most prestigious private schools – 11 November, The Independent

Scottish independent schools appeal three times as many exam results – 11 November, Edinburgh Evening News

Children in care given boarding school places are three times as likely to go to university – 10 November, Daily Telegraph

Can boarding schools really improve the life chances of disadvantaged children? – 10 November, Daily Telegraph

Poorer pupils learn to benefit from Classics9 November, The Sunday Times

Private schools tests that were at the centre of a ‘cheating’ scandal have been abolished by their exam board – 8 November, Daily Telegraph

Illegal schools have ‘drills’ to avoid scrutiny, says Ofsted director – 8 November, Schools Week

Boarding schools warp our political class – I know because I went to one – 7 November, The Guardian

Will child abuse allegations put Britain’s music schools at risk? – 7 November, Daily Telegraph

Private school pupils earn 10 per cent more by the time they are 25, study finds7 November, Daily Telegraph

Labour manifesto to include private school tax hike – 6 November, TES

General election: Former Tory minister is funding ads attacking Corbyn on Facebook – 6 November, Sky News

Private school pupils gain one A‑level grade over state rivals – 5 November, The Times

Rich resources of private schools give pupils educational advantage, IOE research shows – 5 November, UCL website

St Edward’s School teachers strike in Oxford – 5 November, Oxford Mail

People smuggling gangs are using unsuspecting British private schools to traffic Vietnamese children – 4 November, Daily Mail

How it feels to… rise from bin man to professor – 3 November, The Times

Tory ministers spend £91m on private school fees for top diplomats and military personnel – 2 November, The Independent

Should Britain Abolish Private Schools? – 1 November, The Atlantic

October 2019

How state and private schools in France are funded30 October, The Connexion

Two thirds of universities in England forced to take action because of regulator’s concerns30 October, the i

BBC debate on future of private school sector30 October, BBC

Why boarding schools are helping to boost house prices30 October, Daily Telegraph

The hidden traffic impacts of private schooling – 28 October, The Conversation

Revealed: GCSE grades versus fees, find out how leading private schools rank – 22 October, Daily Telegraph

With their plan to abolish private schools, has the Labour Party forgotten about black people like me? – 21 October, The Independent

How one Scottish private school set up shop in China – 18 October, TES

Populism has no place in education – so stop bashing Germans and private schools14 October, The Guardian

Don’t close private schools, open them up – 12 October, The Sunday Times

5,000 private school children in Shropshire could be moved to state schools under Labour’s plans – 11 October, Shropshire Star (see PSPR’s Twitter feed on inaccuracies in this article)

Private schools should be abolished – 10 October, The Saint

Abolishing private schools solves nothing – 10 October, The Forge

Horsham private school hosts talk on how public schools ‘ruin’ the country – 9 October, West Sussex County Times

Coming soon: the £1m school fees – 6 October, The Sunday Times (see same previous research in Guardian here)

Private school head ‘would rather close down’ than become a state school – 5 October, The Independent

Exams could be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, private school chief predicts – 4 October, Daily Telegraph

Seven failing private schools banned from accepting new pupils – 4 October, Schools Week

Trio plead guilty to running illegal school after Ofsted investigation – 3 October, The Independent

Private schools warn uni cap would lead to brain drain – 2 October, TES

September 2019

NQTs leaving state schools for better-paid private jobs – 30 September, TES

Analysis: Would Eton move abroad to escape Labour? – 30 September, TES

Private schools say abolition would be vote-loser – 30 September, BBC

Private schools discussed on BBC’S Sunday Politics South East – 29 September, BBC [listen from 9.40]

Education needs an overhaul, but closing private schools is not the answer – 28 September, The Guardian

Private school fees: is it cheaper to move to a good state catchment area? – 27 September, The Times

‘Our apartheid education system is a burning injustice’ – 27 September, TES

Oxford University to launch parent charm offensive in attempt to woo disadvantaged students – 27 September, Daily Telegraph

Top of the class: Labour seeks to emulate Finland’s school system – 27 September, The Guardian

Private schools chief attacks ‘truly toxic’ portrayal of sector26 September, The Guardian

Grenfell head attacks Labour’s decision to scrap private schools – 25 September, The Times

‘I’ve benefited directly from the inequality that private schools create – but I still think they should be abolished’– 24 September, The Independent

Labour is right to target private school privilege, but abolition isn’t the only answer – 24 September, The Guardian

Labour’s commitment to abolish private schools isn’t all it seems – 23 September, New Statesman

‘Many independent schools would be awful state schools’ – 23 September, TES

Could Labour really ban private schools? – 23 September, BBC

Head of Eton hits back at Labour plans to abolish private schools – 23 September, The Guardian

Labour delegates vote for plan that would abolish private schools – 23 September, The Guardian

Two-tier teacher pensions warning – 23 September, TES

Buying homes near good schools ‘worse than going private’ – 21 September, The Times

Private school pupils may need higher grades to go to Cambridge – 22 September, The Sunday Times

Call for reform of ‘problem’ private school system – 19 September, TES

Why abolishing private schools is ethically dubious – 19 September, TES

Private school Harrow launches virtual sixth-form – 18 September, TES

Television workers twice as likely to have attended private school – 18 September, The Guardian

John McDonnell backs ‘Abolish Eton’ debate at Labour conference – 18 September, The Guardian

Australians turn their backs on private schools after fees triple – 18 September, Financial Review

11 ways to get the best value out of private school – 17 September, Daily Telegraph

Report on reform options for private schools to launch at debate – 17 September, Independent Education Today

Why won’t the unions defend private-school jobs? – 16 September, TES

Christian teacher says school forced her to quit for supporting marriage equality – 16 September, The Guardian

‘I’m not paying’: private schools sue parents for not paying fees – 15 September, The Sydney Morning Herald

The Labour Party’s war on private education goes against everything it is supposed to stand for – 14 September, Daily Telegraph

Independent school head teachers hit back at Labour’s ‘dodgy maths’ – 14 September, The Times

What Corbyn’s raid on private schools will cost parents – and how to beat fee increases – 13 September, Daily Telegraph

Never mind ‘tax raids’, Labour – just abolish private education – 13 September, The Guardian

How to get a cut-price private school education – 13 September, Financial Times

Labour ‘ripping apart’ education, private school leaders warn as John McDonnell says they will be treated ‘like any other business’ – 13 September, Daily Telegraph

Historic independent school reveals merger – 13 September, The Business Desk

Labour planning £1.6bn tax raid on private schools, leaked document reveals – 12 September, Daily Telegraph

Father and daughter guilty of running illegal school – 12 September, BBC

Labour activists pledge to create most radical manifesto ever – 11 September, The Guardian

Govt to allow private school teachers to enrol in defined contribution scheme – 10 September, FT Adviser

The private school system is ‘morally rotten’. This could be the moment for its downfall – 10 September, The Guardian

Labor defends $1.2bn private school package it previously called a ‘slush fund’ – 9 September, The Guardian

Cambridge admits record number of state educated students – 9 September, Daily Telegraph

Labour chairman urges members to back plan to abolish private schools – 7 September, Daily Telegraph

10 of the best value private schools in the UK – 4 September, Daily Telegraph

Why private schools are less privileged than you think – 3 September, TES

Cutting private school tax relief ‘puts exams at risk’2 September, TES

August 2019

The real divide is not between state and private schools but between good schools and bad – 30 August, The Conservative Woman

‘You can’t blame independent schools for Brexit’ – 29 August, TES

Elite Private Schools Join Yeshivas In Fight Against Regulations – 29 August, WNYC

School suddenly shuts just six days before new year due to start – 27 August, Examiner Live

The Guardian view on easier GCSEs at private schools: insult added to injury – 25 August, The Guardian

Michael Gove is vindicated: state schools are finally catching up with private schools – 25 August, Daily Telegraph

‘Easier’ exams offered by private schools smooth pupils’ entry to top universities – 24 August, The Guardian

Gap between private and state schools getting top A levels is at its narrowest in a decade – 24 August, Daily Telegraph

Business rates relief for Scottish independent schools under threat – 22 August, Civil Society

Private schools are making weaker students take exams as ‘external candidate’ to protect league tables – 20 August, Daily Telegraph

BTec courses: A-level reforms trigger rise in private schools’ practical qualifications24 August, The Times

July 2019

‘Class segregation of schools is burning injustice’: Hundreds of councillors back campaign to abolish private schools – 21 July, The Independent

Private schools told to open up places and facilities to children in care – 4 July, Daily Telegraph

June 2019

Private schools need phasing out, and here’s how it can be done – 26 June, Schools Week

Private school and Oxbridge ‘take top jobs’ – 25 June, BBC

Britain ‘increasingly divided’ with most influential people five times more likely to have gone to private school – 25 June, The Independent

Phasing Out Private Schools: The Simons Sketch – 16 June, Schools Week

£200k fund to encourage partnerships with private schools and universities7 June, Schools Week

May 2019

Pupils at £37,000-a-year private school sit English IGCSE exam only to find they have been taught wrong book – 16 May, The Independent

Head of £12,700-a-term school says private pupils being discriminated against like Jews in Nazi Germany – 11 May, The Independent

Front-page error from the Times about how much private schools save taxpayers – 3 May, Full Fact

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